Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Kuechly projections on Draft Eve

The Mock Drafts are flying around the internet. In theory nothing has changed but that doesn't mean players aren't moving up and down draft boards. One of the "hot" names is Luke Kuechly. Luke's sudden popularity makes sense. Every draft pick is a roll of the dice. As much as team's draft for need and upside, what they all want to avoid is a bust. Busts don't help you win games. A competent, hard working, tackling machine will. Here are what some of the experts think.

Mike Mayock now believes Kuechly moves up to Buffalo with the 10th pick. The Bills haven't really been at the center of much Kuechly talk, but he did visit them last week.

The ESPN crew now thinks Kuechly could go as high as the 5th pick to Tampa. That would be a huge honor for him and a nice boost for BC. The downside is that he'd be facing Matt Ryan twice a year.

Fox News (not Fox Sports) thinks Luke ends up in Seattle. From the outset must thought Kuechly would be picked in the teens, so this makes sense.

Greg Cosell mocks his draft based on his ratings, not projections. He has Kuechly heading to Kansas City.

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