Friday, April 27, 2012

Interview with Erik Johnson and other links

BC posted an video interview with new women's basketball coach Erik Johnson. It seems like he has the right approach to turning the program around.

Donnie Fletcher couldn't have gone this far without his aunt and uncle. Also note how important Ben Sirmans was in recruiting him. Sirmans was the lead recruiter on Kuechly too.

Jerry York answered some questions from the BC Chronicle.

Soccer MVP Kate McCarthy is playing Lacrosse this spring.

More praise for Chris Kreider.

BC held a Draft party last night. It seems like a good idea to raise interest and please donors. Maybe they do it again when we have another first rounder.


NEDofSavinHill said...

Who produced better football players for the NFL in the 1st round Alabama or BC? Bama's last few picks were Richardson, Barron, Kirkpatrick,Dareus, Jones and Carpenter. BC's last several picks were Keuchley, Costanzo, Cherilus, Raji, Ryan and Kiwi. While Bama produces more overall the quality of BC's is much superior. 2. As of today BC does not have many 1st round prolectees over the next few years but maybe a d-lineman Ricci or Appiah could emerge. An o-lineman H. Williams or Vadaro or a cb like Noel, Time will tell

Lenny Sienko said...

Nice feature on Coach Johnson. He is saying all the right things. Good luck.

Who is the interviewer? I assume this piece was produced in-house by BC. We need to see a lot more of this type of information coming out of BC's SID.

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