Thursday, July 26, 2012

Phil Steele talks ACC and other links

Here is Phil Steele previewing the Big East and the ACC.

Former Eagle Tim Bulman signed with New England.His teammate Ricky Brown is hanging on too and is now with the Ravens.

Did anyone else hear this comment from Spaz?
"We've tied Chase's hands behind his back his first two years. He's at the point now where he's ready to cross the line."
I know this sort of thing is off the cuff, but why is he saying that he's held a QB back? Am I the only one who gets frustrated by this stuff?

VCU hired BC grad Ed McLaughlin as their new AD. If and when Gene retires McLaughlin will be one of top targets to replace him.

This is from earlier in the week, but I am glad Kimble is confident. I think he could have a big season.

Emmett Cleary provides some insights into how the offense will change.


Laxman said...

Spaz's comment about Rettig simply confirms what we have known, his overly conservative play not to lose approach has contributed greatly to our lack of offense. He basically just said that the past 2 years we have been more worried about what bad things could happen as opposed to the good things...

Mr X 2.0 said...

Steele ranks FSU as the #1 defensive line in the country, or did he say #1 defense overall? Said the defense was SEC quality. Watch out, Eagles, when we go to Croak stadium to play the 'Noles Ocotber 13, 2012. Ok, it will be a learning experience.

Steele's got FSU and Clemson as #1and #2 teams in ACC.

He's got VT winning the ACC Coastal. He thinks highly of GT.

Ok, so there goes 4 loses. So we go 8-4 instead (ha!)(beat: MIA, NW, WF, NCSU, ND, MD, Army, ME)

mod10aeagle said...

I think the O-line had more to do with tying Rettig's hands than Spaz did.

knucklehead said...
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knucklehead said...

I agree.

Rettig has taken some BRUTAL hits over the last two years, directly to the head . . . Tough player.

If the o-line gets its bleep together we can be respectable ie. 6-6.

I foresee Martin running the Offense autonomously this season. Everything from TO's to game management will be called by Martin ie kicks vs. going for it on 4th. Similar to the Bobby Bowden style figure head coaching where the assistants run the game(not comparing the two).

mod10aeagle said...


That sounds like a big step in the right direction.

mod34b said...
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