Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finch injured, Oline struggles and I am still not worried

Eric Hoffses wrote a good recap of the second scrimmage. Rettig looked decent, but the big news was Duece Finch hurting his leg. (It is way too early to blame the recent spat of leg injuries on the new turf. but we will have to watch for a trend.) Hoffses also mentioned how much the OL struggled. The defensive line backups were even getting penetration.

Even as the players keep dropping, I am not worried about the latest impact. Finch is good, but I have a feeling we will pass more this season. If the carries are fewer, Williams and Kimble can fill the void.

I am frustrated by the offensive line, but not truly worried. If BC does pick up the tempo and Rettig matures, they can cover mistakes up front.

Every team suffers injuries. BC has yet to lose one player that cannot be replaced. We have decent depth all around and I think this season will not be about Finch or Pantale. It will be about Rettig and Spaz.

We only have a few weeks before kickoff. I don't care if by then half the roster is gone, things will still be better than we are now. Bad BC football is still better than no BC football.


Danny Boy said...
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TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

Kimble is battling a leg bruise as well, and was held out of the last scrimmage for precautionary reasons. However, he did suit up, which is a good sign.

ObserverCollege said...

Pantale is down. So is Finch. So is Ramsey. So is Kimble. So is Louis-Jean. Harris is gone because Coach Spaziani had to enforce the rules.

The 10-2 prediction I and others made never imagined these types of fluke injuries. With these player injuries now, any record better than 1-11 is purely due to coaching.

Big Jack Krack said...

We can't catch any luck with squashing the injury-bug to key players.

At least OC can make me laugh.

mod10aeagle said...

I think this season will be about the O-line. Without one, Rettig might as well be on one leg and throwing with his off hand and Spaz can open a pizzeria.

BC_85_SandySprings_GA said...

Does the new OL coordinator's blocking philosophy (man to man vs zone) align with Martin's spread offense. I find it odd to have the former hired prior than the latter.