Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still no BC coverage in the Globe but Benbow's on the way

The Herald wrote two articles following the team's second scrimmage (St. X feature and notebook). New beat writer Rich Thompson seems to be embracing his assignment and told me he plans to join twitter once the season begins. 

Across town things are a little different. The Globe did not send anyone to cover BC's scrimmage. Julian Benbow is scheduled to cover the team this fall. That's encouraging as Julian's BC basketball work has been very good. He's also on twitter and interacts with fans. Maybe Benbow will finally be the guy to unlock the Globe's potential in college football. One good college football feature or article can have a huge reach online. And BC's season is going to be a surprise or a disaster. Either type of year should provide plenty of interesting content.


Big Jack Krack said...

Besides the injury to Deuce Finch, these are things that caught my eye:

Josh Keyes is a banger and already looks like the real deal as a sophmore. Bowen will learn how to take a hit and watch out when he starts delivering them after the catch.

Larmond Jr, Amidon and Coleman - all good. Colin will break some long beauties this year, as will others.

Sinkovec out of the FB position - 4 catches for 22 yards. Yeah, we will use this option!

Elliott showing he can do the job when called upon.

What's going on with Swigert? Are we still being cautious with him? Where was Spiffy?

DL and LB looks good.

Richardson making himself known and competing hard for a job at DB.

Big Jack Krack said...

Do we use UA shoes?