Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The latest on the AD search

This is all second-hand information so take it for what it is worth...

  • BC met with all the current head coaches as a group to explain the situation, their initial plans and what it means to them. Some assistant coaches were included. Following the group meeting, one-on-ones were held with most of the coaches.
  • Even among the Gene loyalists there is buy-in on the new direction and change. Ultimately most of these coaches want more financial support for their programs and facilities. We are near the bottom of the ACC when it comes to most facilities and resources for each respective team.
  • Despite some early rumors and my suspicions, this is a real process. There is no candidate that is already locked in and set to be announced.
  • There isn't necessarily an age bias, but BC realizes that the new AD has to have a passion and fire to get some big projects completed. 
  • Prior fundraising experience is a plus, but not necessary.

The following is what I purely think...

Given the most prominent names being floated, I wouldn't be surprised if BC hired a woman or African-American. That isn't to say that BC would be making the hire purely based on gender or race, but that some of the school leadership would like to see BC as progressive in their hiring. As you can imagine, the vast majority of NCAA ADs are white men. 


Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Dana Barros. Howard Eisley.

Scott Brown would be an interesting candidate - if he loses the senate campaign against Elizabeth "Raindance" Warren. He has ties to BC Law. Doug Flutie and Fred Smerlas were big campaign contributors. His daughter was obviously part of the Athletic Program.

What is Brian Leetch doing now?

Claver2010 said...


Love the tag. Everyone else's "articles" and "updates" are simply carbon copies of your work.

Much appreciated.

diabetic tackle said...


if BC's serious about looking at women or african american candidates why would they eliminate search firms?

I hope they are serious, but I have doubts

ATL_eagle said...


The timing is off for Scott Brown. BC will have a new AD in place before the election. But that is not a bad idea. I think BC would look at candidates like him -- connection to the school, connection to BC sports, but brings plenty of outside experience.

ATL_eagle said...


There are many in college athletics who think the search firms are a fraud. BC can find plenty of qualified candidates without paying a six-figure fee to one of the firms.

harrow said...
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mod34b said...

off topic

I see on Rival, BC has jumped ~20 spots and now has the #39 best recruiting class -- #7 in ACC.

Reason: previously recruited players who were unrated and newly rated or player's ratings upgraded.

From a Rivals points of view, this is shaping up to be an excellent recruitng class by recent BC standards. The Al Washington effect?

knucklehead said...

Scott Brown is an athlete, politician, exceptional fundraiser, graduate of the law school, and has a daughter who played hoops at the school.

It is a perfect fit IF he wants the job.

There is not another person that would fit better based on their profile than him. Absolutely nobody better.

knucklehead said...

Here is name for you Harrow you clown.

Tom Osbourne. Congressman, then AD.

Argue congressman vs. abbreviated term Senator . . . whatever. It has been done before and at a legitimate athletic department.

Peanut said...

A broad as AD? That'll be the day (that I become a UMASS fan)

Anywho, what about Steve Orsini, former AD at SMU? Has anyone mentioned him yet? Probably, but I didn't feel like reading all of the comments. But yeah he should be our new AD.

Eagle BC 01 said...

I call shotgun on the Steve Orsini bandwagon.

harrow said...

Tom Osbourne also was a legendary football coach who worked in the athletic department for years and years. It would be the equivalent of us promoting Jerry York to AD. Scott Brown knows ZERO about television contracts and day to day operation of college athletics, that is why he makes ZERO sense as a hire and it is a ridiculous suggestion. Scott Brown will have numerous opportunities in consulting and sitting on boards which will make him millions a year if not more. Why would he want the headache of being an AD and actually doing work when he can make millions doing nothing.

knucklehead said...

Scott Brown is lawyer who has passed bills though the United States Government. Spearheaded the Senate Insider trading bill into law. The ESPN TV deal is NOTHING. He could grasp that in his sleep and use his connections to negotiate a deal readily.

Like i SAID. IF he wants the job it is a perfect fit.

Not debating if he wants it. I have no idea.

He did not seem driven by money as a stay at home dad, state rep, and serving in the Reserves.

Benjamin said...


To your point, my jaw dropped. I literally could not believe that. Not that I'm knocking BC recruiting right now, but wow.... I'm pumped, just in a state of disbelief. If anything, it shows you how subjective this process is.

Who knows, may Spaz' (i.e. his staff's) methods will bear some fruit.

eagleboston said...

Scott Brown is not going to be the AD. He has no hiring or management experience, skills that are crucial in this job. He does have fundraising experience, but all that does is bring in the money.

I'm sure he is a nice person and probably very bright, but we need someone who can execute and knows how to effectively allocate resources and lead people. Plus, the timing is not right. BC will need to start interviewing well before the election.

eagleboston said...


"Broad?" Please tell me you are joking. If not, the Goodfellas would like their wife-beater T-shirts back.

Peanut said...
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Peanut said...


Well I was half kidding, but I'm sure you were thinking the same thing. And in all honestly, we can't have a skirt running things.

ATL, can we get the Steve Orsini bandwagon rolling? He and June Jones had an offense that was five kinds of wonderful, let's bring em both in!


mod34b said...

More off topic

Some roster notes:

Jaryd Rudolph is back on the roster at DT. I guess he must have cleared up his sex taping scandal

We have 10 Tight Ends! including two RS FR converted from tackle - Bowen and Porter. I think we will see some power running at times. Can these very big dudes run routes and catch?

We have 7 QBs. Why???

mod34b said...

We have 1 FB

5 kicker/punters. Why??

We have 3 LS?? Why??

eagleboston said...


A lot of these spots are occupied by walk-ons and preferred walk-ons. If you look back at the signed letters of intent, you will see the roster includes a lot of players that did not sign these and are walk-ons.

Knucklehead said...

He is a Colonel. I am sure that he can hire coaches. Anyone has better judgement than Gene in who to hire.

There is already a structure in place to allocate resources.

You do not get it.

We need someone the opposite of Gene. Meaning someone who is diplomatic and can bring alumni and outsiders back to BC athletics.

I am not saying Brown is going to take the job. He fits the profile of the person we need.

Why is the timing wrong? We will know the results of the election in early November. Kane is taking over on 10/1. You think that we will have a candidate vetted and hired by 11/6/12?

Boston College is not hiring a person from SMU for PR reasons. A guy from a school that was given the death penalty is going to a school that has had two major gambling scandals in the last 30 years. Plus he was fired from SMU for being difficult. We just went though 15 years of difficulty. No way.

ATL_eagle said...

The way Orsini blew through budgets at SMU will make him a very hard sell at BC.

Bravesbill said...

Knucklehead--While I wouldn't oppose Scott Brown as the AD, there's no chance he loses to Warren in the election. Warren's campaign is in a complete meltdown. She almost as bad of a candidate as Coakley.

mod34b said...

Bbill. I wish that were true. "fauxahantas" Lizzie Warren has a very good chance oif winning. She is for "fairness" and the "middle class" and "wall street reform". And a DEM. that is all u need in the bluest of blue states

Her campaign is not in shambles at all.