Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spaz's good intentions are all wrong and other links

(This is going to sound like I am raining on some hard-working kids parade. That's not my intent.) As the Heights reported, Spaz awarded scholarships to Mike Javorski and Ted Davenport. That is great news for those guys and I am happy for them and their families. Getting a BC scholarship is a huge honor and provides a huge financial relief. But one of the problems with Spaz is his roster management. The reason he constantly has available scholarships every August is because he can't find enough good talent that want to  play football in the ACC and get a free education!!! Every year Spaz wastes a huge resource! He has a lottery ticket that no one wants to collect. That is mismanagement. I know Javorski and Davenport worked hard and this is no slight to them. But when their coach complains in two weeks that we have no talent at Running back or injuries have hurt us on the Line, remember that he doesn't use every scholarship. We could have brought in three or more Penn State players, but good ol' Spaz wasn't going to chase those kids! People think my complaints with Spaz are because of the losing or the interviews. That's only part of it. The guy is not capable of running a BCS program. I am glad this won't be our problem much longer. I hope Javorski and Davenport have great seasons!

Hoffses has a very good write up on the last scrimmage. It looks like we've settled into an Oline of Cleary, White, Gallik, Vardaro and Wetzel. Let's hope they play well and we roll out the same crew all season long.

BC finalized their game schedule for Spain and the ACC released the basketball schedule.

The ACC coaches voted BC 4th in their preseason poll.

DominiqueWilliams is mentoring younger players at Brockton.

Women's Ice Hockey selected their captains.


Big Jack Krack said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

I hope we can keep the Brockton pipeline going and maybe that will help us to attract other local standouts.