Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This is the Golden Age of BC football coverage

How quickly things can change when it comes to media. Only a few weeks ago, it seemed like Boston's flagship newspaper might not even cover BC. Fortunately Julian Benbow started this week and has already written features on Bollman and the running backs. The Herald's Rich Thompson embraced his new role and is producing at least one BC article a day. This is probably the best combination on the BC beat since Vega and Shalin's days. But the two main papers aren't the only ones pumping out content.

Ironically, Blauds departure from the Globe has actually increased his BC coverage. His blog has near daily posts on BC. I still have issues with Blauds tone and approach, but now that he is on his own he seems to be taking BC and his readers more seriously. Better late than never.

Eric Avidon doesn't exclusively cover BC, but he does write more BC features than most other Boston-area sports writers.

I've sung Eagle Action's Eric Hoffses praises before. Fortunately Rivals is releasing more of his content to non-subscribers. We know about Heather Dinich at ESPN, but some might not realize that CBS Sports has an ACC blog too.

And when things are slow or there isn't much news, can be counted on to put up player interviews.

In addition to all of this, there a multiple BC blogs and twitter accounts. Plus ESPN and the ACC put out plenty of video content.

I don't think we'll ever get as much news at bigger programs, but I think we need to appreciate how much original content and coverage we get now.


Big Jack Krack said...

I like all of the coverage lately, and hope some fans show up on September 1st.

I'm getting pumped up - even at my age :-) We're flying up on the 31st.

There are some interesting games over the long weekend - and ours is certainly one of them. I think we have a legitimate chance to put the Hurricanes away.

I'm also rooting for the ACC in Atlanta - NC State vs TENN and Clemson vs Auburn.

Finally - GT at VT on 9/3 - don't really care who wins, but it will be a very good early game for sure.

Let the season begin.

Go BC - beat Miami.

eagle1331 said...

ATL - any update on the AD search? I see eagle action has an update but it isn't one of those free posts...

amdg1540 said...

Blauds has just dropped Tim Pernetti's name for, what, third day in a row? Wouldn't be a bad option, in my option. ATL, I eagerly await your handicapping/preview of the candidates.

ATL_eagle said...

It is going to be hard to handicap. There are way too many candidates and from different walks of life. I am thinking of doing profiles as more names arise. Right now Blauds is actually on the right track. Pernetti wants to job. No idea if BC wants him.