Saturday, October 06, 2012

No defense

Where are the last remaining Spaz apologists now? Do Blauds or HD or Avidon want to defend that turd of a game or this train wreck of a season? I am glad Gene D. is gone. The only thing that could make this loss worse is his insulting defense of Spaz. And when the national media start writing Spaz's obituary please don't insult us by blaming this on anyone but him. This is Year 4. This is his team. His vaunted defense. His recruits. His staff.

Spaz is pathetic. His approach to the game, how he manages his roster and how he practices football is failing this program. He never should have been given the job and watching BC football atrophy is no longer painful. I am over the pain. Now it is just a waste of time and emotion.

I hope Boo Corrigan is the new AD because he just got a front row seat for his first issue.

I'll have my grades and second viewing thoughts up late Sunday night. I can give you a sneak peek of the overall: F


BCDoubleEagle said...

I didn't even bother watching this game, thank goodness. You nailed it, ATL. BC football is a waste of time these days.

Wake me when Spaz is gone.

Big Jack Krack said...

Fire Spaziani before he gets back to Boston.

Tell the Interim HC to fire McGovern on Monday.

We need to send a message that Boston College will not tolerate this ineptitude.

Do the right thing? Yes, fire him immediately and don't wait until the season is over.

BC attorneys can contest the 2 year extension in court. Give this bum nothing after his 2012 salary.

I have my arrangements already made to travel to Boston for ND and VT. Tough to justify now.

Squid said...

Every time I think Spaz can't make BC any worse, he proves me wrong.

Spaz's tenure at BC can best be summarized by an exerpt from a list of humorous performance evaluation remarks: Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom and has started to dig.

Actually, almost the whole list seems to apply.

mod10aeagle said...

Eagles hockey team will raise their 2012 National Championship banner on October 15th. Just keep repeating that.

jrtmurphy said...

In a span of 60 seconds there were three plays that summed up the "Spaz Era"

Puss out on third down, playing no to lose.
Delay of game penalty for no reason.
A punt of 30 yards.

BJK, made my ND reservations last week. Only possible salvation to this turd of a season.

I'm Keith said...

This is rock bottom. Let's hope we get our act together quickly. There's more than half a season left. Spaz was a great DC but that surely isn't translating to his post as the HC.

Big Jack Krack said...

I think it was maybe 3 or 4 years ago - I made an open comment to GDF about competing in the ACC.

I asked, "why join the ACC if you are not going to compete?" I could see this coming - Napoleon's race to the bottom.

I was taken to task by a blogger who questioned my sanity.

Once you reach rock bottom in this league and stay there - football, both womens and mens basketball, other sports - apathy and embarrassment sets in.

With all due respect to the ACC teams, who wants to pay to watch BC lose to the likes of WF, NC State, Virginia, VA Tech, MD etc.? It was one thing when you were playing Syracuse or Penn State or Pitt in football = or UCONN, St.John's, Villanova, Georgetown, Syracuse in basketball, but another thing when you are playing someone with whom you share very little history. With a crappy game day experience, people stay home.

The only way to fill up Alumni and Conte is to win.

Goodbye Gene - Goodbye Frank and all others who can't get the job done.

mod34b said...

JRT. - yup. U r right.

Why would Martin /Spaz want to be in a position to have to rely on our pathetic and gassed defense? Why the conservative pay calling? All that was needed was a first down.

And to have to rely on shank-o-ponomous the punter is crazy. That penalty was absurd. Why? Crowd the bad punter in the end zone so he freaks and punts badly (and predictably) ?

Also, we can add, why would Spaz instruct Shank-o-ponomous to attempt positional out of bounds punting??? Did he not recall the results from the Clemson game? shank-o-ponomous is not skilled enough to attempt positional punting. duh.

Why was McCaffrey (is that his name?) fielding a kickoff at the 5 with little time on the clock? Dumb. Where was Spiffy??

Last: think about the Army FG before half. Another series of blunders that provided Army with the margin of victory.

DTO said...

Did anyone take that ridiculous $275 boat trip/bus ride up to the game today? I remember the email from this spring, but I never heard anything since.

Eagle77 said...

That performance deserves a midseason firing, but with a new AD coming aboard I am afraid the new AD will not fire Spaz

JD BC90 said...

I had plans to go to the game that I nixed this week. Glad I did. Didn't even watch. Moved furniture; ran errands and followed it a bit on game tracker and at the end through a rather colorful alum group text blast session. No one thought Spaz should be allowed on the ride back to BC.

What I think makes the most sense is for BC, as a responsible institution, to terminate Spaz either Sunday morning or, at the very least, before the new AD is announced. That way, BC (since Gene D would not) acknowledges that this was a mistake and makes the obvious move to correct it now rather than burdening the incoming AD with the charade of having to say that he "would evaluate everything after the season blah blah blah."

I mean seriously the wheels are off so any complaints about making things worse are pretty much nonsense. And who cares if its a mid-season firing. To paraphrase Spaz's buddy, Blauds, "this is different." BC already forced out Spaz's protector so why not finish the job of clearing the decks before the new guy comes in.

That would also give the new AD relief from any deadenders like Blauds and that fool from Metro West from continuing to do gymnastics trying to come up with reasons to give Spaz another year. And since the new AD won't technically have Spaz's blood on his hands, he won't ever have to answer to Spaz's friends and family (and Gene) as to why he fired him.

So, please fix this yourself BC and let the new AD focus on the coaching search from day 1 rather than have to deal with Zombie Spaz at all. It's honestly the right thing to do for the new hire and to move forward.

OB68 said...

Fire Spaz when he get off the bus, or plane or better yet send him a text now. If the admin had any stones it would fire spaz, name martin interim head coach and then decide how to move once the season is over. I have never been more p'd off at a BC effort, how can Stony Brook actually beat this team and we lose? Time for the fire Spaz chant at the next home game.

Moses98 said...

As a former player under the Coughlin regime. I feel truly sorry for all the current players associated with this sad excuse of a football program.

BC needs to invest in a coch and revive a program that is dead. Or the administration needs to join the Bowl Subdivision.

The program has become a joke. The players and Alumni deserve better.

We lost to ARMY. That is not acceptable.

eagleboston said...


I don't want to hire an AD who is too chicken shit to fire a coach. Why would anyone consider a coach's family when making a termination decision? If that were the case, no one in business would ever get fired. You fire people because they are not performing. Period. They fire themselves. And in this case, Spaz has fired himself and needs to go. I don't care who does it but I want that black cloud gone (but it is not BC's responsibility to spare a new AD from this task).

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

If the punter was told to kick a directional punt, at the end of the game, by the coahcing then Spaz should be ashamed of himself.

The announcers on CBS Sports network flat-out blamed the delay of game penalty on the Coach staff.

The defense look listless besides Silvia. If Rettig were not on this team it would be THE WORST program in Division I football.

It may be the worst with him now that I think about it. Miami is losing to ND, Northwestern lost to effing Penn State and Army lost effing STONY BROOK!

I wonder if Spaz thinks, if he does at all, that he is taking one for the team this season. He must be in denial if he does not wake up tommorrow and resign.

mod34b said...

ATL, you ask Will Blauds defend Spaz still?

Will that guy from Baghdad, Baghdad Bob support Saddam no matter what? ("My feelings - as usual - we will slaughter them all")

Yes, Blauds is defending! check out this hysterical post and comment by Blauds on his blog this evening: 

“And for the voices who say they want heads right now–specifically Spaziani’s, we have a simple question.

And what will that do? Create stability? Make the defense play better?

It is what it is and it is not good. Let the season play itself out, bring in a new athletic director and go from there."


Who is we? You’re the only one defending this buffoon.


October 6, 2012 - 6:17 pm | Permalink
Yeah, sparky. Im defending him with my name out there because he is my friend and I see how hard he works and what is going wrong. But I know and he knows that winning is the bottom line and if at the end of the year BC has a losing record a change will be made. Case closed. Move on.

eagleboston said...

Blauds needs to learn the difference between working hard and working effectively. Show me a workaholic and I will show you a completely ineffective performer.

BC should be allowed to fire this assclown for the reprehensible delay of game penalty before the punt. No one being paid over a million per year should make that mistake.

JD BC90 said...

eagleboston - I never suggested that BC should hire an AD who would be hesitant to make a change. My point is that the BC fanbase has been fractured with supporters and detractors for TOB, Jags and even Spaz (and I bet there are still a few even within the athletic department). Bringing in a guy who did not hire or fire TOB, Jags or Spaz gives everyone a chance to gel around the new hire. I think that is a legit benefit to the school making the move before the new hire.

It also is a harsher slap in the face to GDF and Spaz if BC lets him go midseason which is what I want.

As for family, it should not be a consideration as to if you fire, but it should affect how it is handled. You want Spaz to go without acrimony, make him a buyout offer that saves BC some $ but allows Spaz to save some face. If he says no, then screw it, your fired, get out by 5; you're never welcome back and no more retroactively covering for you and your issues with K Rogers, Montel and everything else. Spaz, as the fall guy, will have to move.

However it is handled, I want Spaz gone yesterday. I don't post much here or anywhere anymore, but I never wanted Spaz hired and thought that no one in their right mind would have extended him or brought him back after last season. BJK has a point about not paying GDF or Spaz out under their agreements and I would not be surprised if GDF is negotiating a face saving deal for himself. He'll probably tell Spaz to do the same thing and possibly sooner than later as the stench will start sticking to GDF even more as this goes on.

So I think BC should do it now even before a hire. If not, then yeah let the new AD do it, but I fear that won't happen until after the season and I have just had enough of this stupid circus.

ObserverCollege said...

Would you people please get a clue for once in your lives? PLEASE? A CLUE???

Let me say this VERY S-L-O-W-L-Y.

The current seniors and redshirt juniors belong to JAGS. Those seniors and juniors to beaten up to play, to produce, to lead belong to JAGS. Not Spaz. JAGS.

It was JAGS who put those poor kids through FOUR extra weeks of Scout Team duty for TWO straight seasons. That's extra weeks of being served up like bloody tenderized steaks to lions like Herzlich, Cherilus and Ryan. Undeveloped 18-year-olds trying to deal with NFL players.

And now we wonder why none of these scout team kids developed? Why these now-seniors and juniors can't stay on the field? Can't produce? Can't lead???

No wonder this team is defeated. JAGS destroyed two recruiting classes through abuse. Then he vaporized a third by spending his recruiting season making eyes with Ave Maria (eventually) until Coach Gene said "ENOUGH".

Now who besides John Calipari wins without seniors and juniors? Exactly. Now Spaz has tried even with two hands tied behind his PAC. He let the team take off on Spring Break trips in the middle of Spring Practice. He pushed up Spring Practice to finish up by the end of March. He also listened to Coach Gene and brought in Doug Martin as OC, even though he had a winning OC like Gary Tranquill waiting in the wings to come back.

Yet ultimately, players need to make plays and coaches need to coach. When you have an OC who insists on passing the ball at the end of the half, you lose. When you have an interim DC who can't scheme, you lose. And as Peter Cronan points out, when you have to deal with such an unorthodox Army offense and defense that has had four games to practice before you play them, you just can't expect to avoid being the first team Army beats.

Earth to BC people: No coach loses a co-coach like Coach Gene and recovers. No coach loses three recruiting classes because of his predecessor and can win. For Caoch Spaz to still win the majority of the minutes played despite all this is simply amazing. I just hope this new AD gets it, and gives Coach Spaz the extension he needs so that there's no more talk about Spaz taking over at Penn State once Bill O'Brien is fired.

Big Ern said...

My goodneess what would I give for Bill O'Brien as head coach.

AJH said...

You all are the crew that were begging and pleading for TOB to get canned because he could not get BC to the "next level".

TOB's 8.5 win seasons were the "next level". Team is simply regressing towards the mean.

Would have been nice for some of you to recognize the glory days.

eagleboston said...


It's human nature to want more, more, more. I now regret turning on TOB. I would take him back in a heartbeat. He did 3 things that I wish we had now: 1) won 7-9 games each year 2) beat Notre Dame 3) always won his bowl games. Who would not trade away for that today?

jay said...
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jay said...

AJH, if there were glory days in the past decade, they were under Jags.

eagleboston, me.

I'd much rather the roller coaster ride of Jags & Spaz than the constant and predictable mediocrity of TOB. Jags almost actually won something LEGITIMATE, something besides a $hi++y bowl game. Winning 8 games a year is meaningless, winning an ACC championship is "excellent."

stop with this revisionist history nonsense, please.

Bravesbill said...

As bad as the program is now, I would still take it just to get rid of TOB. Like you said, he was never able to get BC over the proverbial hump. He was predictable, playcalling on both sides of the football were conservative at best, and he always had 1-2 WTF losses every year (some with a conference or division championship on the line). It is telling that Jags was able to take over the team and immediately get them to the ACC Championship. He was able to repeat this accomplishment with a truly horrific offense the next year (TOB wouldn't have gotten close). It's telling that all those NCSU fans who were cheering TOB's hire have now turned on him and want him out (presumably before his big win yesterday).

At least I can console myself with the Gamecocks putting together a great year.

BCDoubleEagle said...


Yeah, Jags never had a WTF loss.

See 2007 Florida State and MAryland games.

NEDofSavinHill said...

TOB was a great coach. All time best bowl coach in college history. He took a 4 win program and made it a 10 win team. Jags inherited a great team from TOB. 98% of the players on the 11 win 2007 team were recruited and developed by TOB. Where is Jags today? Coaching high school. If he had any ability he wouldn't be at that level. ( He's fallen as far as ex BC b-ball coach J. O'Brien, the corrupt incompetent). Remember Spaz is the best coach in 15 years according to Gdf. 2. Has any college coach in history produced more NFL starting QBs than TOB? Today three of his votaries will start in the pro game. (Ryan, Hasselback and Wilson). How many of Jags QBs are starting?

Bravesbill said...

FSU was not really a WTF loss that year. BC was overrated and FSU was pretty close in terms of talent. Maryland was a WTF loss though. However, the difference between Jags' and TOB's were that TOB's actually cost BC division and conference championships (see Syracuse 2004) whereas Jags' did not. Plus TOB's teams lost to vastly inferior teams. The only thing TOB did well was beat ND on a regular basis.

Thomas said...
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Bravesbill said...

Ned--And yet Jags (the guy who no one wants) was able to take BC to the ACC Championship 2 years in a row where as TOB did not. He couldn't even win in a depleted Big East in 2004.

Thomas said...

I don't know if this has already been posted, but it puts a little perspective on things.

Joe Gravellese said...

TOB was the right coach at the right time for BC. I contend that Jags was, too.

Spaz was the wrong coach for any time.

Epic Fail, as the kids say.

ATL_eagle said...

Forget Jags or TOB. This is about Spaz. He has failed and he and Gene have no one to blame but themselves.

Bravesbill said...

And btw I'm not a Jags apologist by any means. I was hoping BC hired Harbaugh at the time. All I'm saying is that it was the right decision to get rid of TOB. Had Gene bothered to do any homework and actually find an appropriate coach, this downturn could have been prevented.

harrow said...

Blauds says that chatter in press box yesterday is that Quentin Williams may be the new AD.

Maryland Conservatarian said...

I guess in retrospect it's a good thing BC didn't take the guarantee money to play at Stony Brook this season

Knucklehead said...

TOB did not blow the 2004 Syracuse game. There were three problems in that game: 1)It was Matt Ryan's first start, 2)Diamond Ferry(?) played the game of his life at RB and the Big East officials made a series of questionable calls against the eagles - Boston College was leaving BE for ACC.

Know your history.

Knucklehead said...

What "vastly inferior" teams did TOB lose to?

He is known for taking care of business against the team we should be but never getting the big win against the very good teams when we needed it.

Again. Know your history.

Anyone trashing TOB today is a very SAD person who will never be content.

janebc said...

TOB while a better coach than Spaz, cost BC a shot at the ACC championship by refusing to play Matt Ryan ahead of Quentin Porter. BC went down in a winnable game at North Carolina due to his stubborness. He also cost BC a shot at the Big East Championship in 2004 by playing for a tie against Pitt, a game BC ultimately lost in overtim.

eagleboston said...


You don't need to sell it anymore. We all agree that Spaz needs to go.

But I also agree we need to keep our expectations for the new coach in check. Yes, Jags got us to 2 ACC Championships games, but even he never got us over the hump as we lost both. He also had WTF losses and he was the first BC coach to preside over a bowl game loss since TOB's 3rd season. Yes, he was exciting and brought energy to the program, but the results were no higher.

College football today is dominated by large, state schools with lower academic requirements and a propensity to cheat in highly unethical manners. Do we want BC to stoop to that level? The last private school to win a national title was Miami way back in 2001. You have to go all the way back to '88 to find a school comparable to BC (Notre Dame, and one could easily argue we are not at the same caliber as ND).

BC can return to winning 8-10 games a year and going to a bowl game. Anything better is going to be a major, major challenge. It is possible, but highly unlikely. The last truly great BC team was 1984 (finished ranked #5). That's once in a lifetime folks (you could make an argument for the '07 team as they finished ranked 10th, but that is still 23 years between great teams).

Knucklehead said...

I was at the BC syracuse game that Ryan started, his first start. He was a deer in headlights. The D could not stop Diamond Ferry - Blame the loss on Spaz if anyone

Porter deserved all the starts he got at BC because he was a smart upperclasssmen, was a team player and won a lot of games.

What NC game?

It doesn't even matter which NC game because all you are doing is plucking random games. TOB was a better coach, manager, recruiter and better people person(with parents of recruits, senior players, and NFL folks - Bill Belickeck introduced TOB to his wife) believe it or not than Spaz.

Bravesbill said...

Knucklehead, I don't think anyone is claiming that Spaz is better than TOB. A flaming pike of dog crap is better than Spaz. TOB had at least one WTF loss a year (know your history). That loss to Syracuse in 2004 was atrocious with Syracuse starting its 4th string RB, who was a safety! I was at that game too and BC did nothing. They got a punt return for a TD and did nothing else, esp. on defense. As Jane rightly pointed out, this came after BC blew its chance against Pitt (who was vastly inferior that year).

TOB didn't gain his reputation for WTF losses for nothing. Here's a little rundown for you:

2003--Syracuse, Wake
2004--Wake, Pitt, Syracuse
2006--NCST (Remeber this game where NCST beat BC on a Hail Mary on the last play of the game basically. Someone the receiver was able to get behind the defense), Miami (another classic TOB game where he gives his infamous halftime interview "What adjustments. We're winning aren't we."), Wake

And two more could be added to the list with Pitt in 2002 and WVU in 2003.

As you can see, TOB's resume is littered with WTF losses (esp. toward the end of his tenure) so don't give me any revisionist history nonsense. The man could not get over the proverbial hump period. And it's telling that he has done absolutely nothing with NCST. And those two QB's you said he developed and groomed, both of them (Ryan and Wilson) didn't have great years until after they were no longer under him.