Saturday, November 03, 2012

Not close

Wake is not a good team but neither are we. A good BC team wouldn't have wasted multiple opportunities to take control or comeback in this game. A well coached BC team wouldn't have been so ill prepared to contain Wake's best players. Rettig forced things giving Spaz another excuse for this loss.

The mood of the the state of the program was captured by these two tweets (1 and 2)

I'll have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday night.


eagleboston said...

Another shitty Saturday. BC has another losing season and Notre Dame completely lucks out a win. Now they are going to kick our ass and embarrass BC in prime-time.

JBQ said...

Rettig tried to carry the team on his back and like the author states forced his game. With a patient coach, Rettig would not just be good but be great. I am already looking forward to seeing what he can do next year under a new coach.

Erik said...

Bill no one will blame you if you skip re-watching this one.

WI_Eagle said...

We should have David Gordon and Josh Ott as honorary captains next week.

Big Jack Krack said...

Spaziani should be fired on Sunday.

mod34b said...

Bates seems to lack the stones to fire him now.

Big Jack Krack said...

No buyout - it was a highly questionable extension by Napoleon Defilippo.

Somthing very strange and fishy.

BC owes this bum nothing.

Walk him out the door tomorrow.

#3 Notre Dame - who cares?

Thanks Frank - Once again, there was a failure to execute - by the Head Coach.

What an utter failure!

John said...

We suck. Two more (home) games left where we will be humiliated and then its time to start all over. Here's to the future.

PS I hope ND falls in the BCS rankings today.

Legal Eagle said...

If you weren't watching the game, you might be thinking that picture of Spaz could be taken out of context or not nearly as bad as it looks. In reality though, it was worse.

That came immediately after a missed field goal when BC had all the momentum. Instead of supporting his players or at least acting like we could overcome a missed field goal when we were down only 7 points, he went into that pose and held it for what seemed like an eternity. The camera stayed on him the entire time. It must have been at least a full 10 seconds.

That was a new low for Spaz. To me, it showed that he is as ready as any of us to be done with his tenure as head coach. I really hope our new coach brings some energy to the program; specifically to the sideline on Saturdays.

Walter said...

I agree with Legal Eagle entirely. His mannerisms and demeanor were awful. He has become a caricature of all the things people say of him. It's so frustrating.

I can't believe with 54 seconds left and 3 timeouts we didn't even make a go at it at the end of the half. I get Rettig was being awful with ball security, but what did we have to lose by trying?

Andrew S. said...

I was somewhat amazed by Spaz's demeanor on the sidelines. I forget the exact circumstance, but there was a stoppage in play and Spaz just continued to pace the sidelines with a generally sour look on his face and the mouthpiece for his headset up on top of his head. It was honestly upsetting to see him acting so disinterested and passive about the opportunity to participate in the coaching/strategy that would've been taking place during the stoppage.