Sunday, November 04, 2012

Notre Dame game officially an 8 PM start

As predicted, BC will host Notre Dame at night. Brad Bates broke the news via twitter. The game will be shown nationally at 8 PM on ABC. BC will be heavy underdogs but I am still hoping for some BC-Notre Dame magic. I don't think ESPN would mind some magic too.


mod34b said...

Sorry. I see no magic on the horizon.

We can't defend the run
We can't defend the pass
We can't punt well
We can't run the ball inside
We can't run the ball outside
We can't pass protect
We can't run screen
It will be hard to pass, even though we have some talent.

Oh yeah this too
We can't coach the DL
We can't coach the DBs
We can't coach defense
We can't coach OL
We can't pick the right play too often
We can't coach the offense
We can't coach the football team

No I just don't see any possibility for magic.

Erik said...

Not that long ago we beat these guys 6 straight, and 7 out if 8.

We also took BYU home and home.

We took Penn State home and home.

We beat Michigan State. We beat Boise State. We beat Georgia.

I have point. Draw your own conclusions.

Knucklehead said...

We will be back.

Use your influence here to push for Bob Diaco as the next head coach of Boston College.

Big Jack Krack said...

I am going to the game not with visions of 93 but to yell at spaziani.

This has 92 written all over it.

And we thought the fall of Syracuse was bad - ours is worse.

Frank, you are a stiff. Just go home.

eagleboston said...

Well, I am flying out to Boston for the game and I am not happy about the 8Pm start. I love the day games at Alumni and I was hoping to wach BC get crushed and then be able to go out for a nice dinner that night. Now I have to wait around all day for a game that won't even end until close to midnight. Further, BC could hide under a day game as there are a ton of other games on at the same time. Now, all of the US Catholics and Tavern Irish fans will watch with glee during prime time. Also, I seem to remember just a couple years back we played the Irish at night at Alumni. It was cold, rainy and miserable and of course we lost. I stayed until the bitter end but most BC fans were gone by the 3rd quarter. It's just not fun.

ATL, there is no chance of magic under the Spaz regime. None. Clearly, the Irish have all of the magic this season (did you see the Pitt game??). The Eagles don't have enough talent to hang with the Irish. I'm sick about that, but it's the hard truth. If you can't beat Army or Wake, you have zero hope against a team of destiny like ND.

Ryan said...

I hate Spaz as much as the next guy, but you pessimists make me sick and embarrassed to be a BC alum. You're the exact reason why I, along with everyone else outside of Boston, think Boston fans are pink hats. This is an 8PM night game against a hated rival with a chance to knock them out of NC contention, and it's happened twice before!

This is college football - anything can happen. Pitt, who fucking SUCKS and lost to Youngstown State by 2 TDs this season, almost beat your "team of destiny" at home. Have some faith, or stop pretending to be a fan.

BCAlum2000 said...

Pitt might suck, but they are still twice the team BC is this year. It really is time to accept that. Notre Dame's defense is going to humiliate BC's inept offense. As for BC's defense, the joke that makes horrible offenses like Wake Forest look like FSU, will get destroyed by Notre Dame' mediocre offense. Someone said it best, this has shades of 1992 written all over it. The difference though is that ND's offense doesnt compare to their offenses back then. That said, BC has NO chance. As for going to the game and supporting my alma mater, there was a time not that long ago where you couldnt dream of getting a ticket to ND unless you bought the full season package. Now I get weekly emails begging me to come not only to games like VT and Clemson, but also ND. I will never stop loving my alma mater, but I will not support them in person until Spaz is canned and I actually see a dedication from the top to winning again.

ATL_eagle said...


Diaco is a candidate regardless of what I write. Bates is as smart guy. He'll have a good list of candidates. Besides, would you want an AD that takes his cues from a blogger?

Henning12 said...

It is obvious that the NCAA needs to investigate GDF and spaz on the contract. Seems like the by lawyers were asleep at the wheel or spaz had made them tons of tomato sauce like he did for GDF and is doing for GDF Junior - I mean bates - to keep them clueless.

blist said...

The difference between now and 1992 was BC was a decent and had buzz. Now we're, what? Lousy and forgettable. We're Rutgers headed for the toilet bowl, as Glenn Foley QB of that 92 team once said.
Spaz will suspend another one of our good players to further make himself seem not at fault when we get blown out. Coleman, Spiffy or KPL?

mmason said...

Magic?Magic?MAGIC??? I flew out to that'92 game from L.A.. We had a ranked team and ND was talkin' smack in the Chi papers for days. We were good goin' in, and they had The Bus. It was a massacre on National TV. And we had Coach Coughlin! Pink Hats my 6...we're going to get clubbed and make that Harvard score over Columbia look like badminton. Wake-up,and suck it up!Mod34's list so scary accurate he should go on the road with it. The only good that will come of this is what happened in '93--if we get a decent REAL head coach and recruit some kids who can play and remeber the horror show that will go down next Saturday, and get some revenge. No Margaritas this year, BC Nation. No Magic either.

eagleboston said...

Also, we need to keep in mind that this is a special circumstance unlike the past 2 coaching searches. The program was in success sustaining mode when Jags and Spazoo were hired. We are now in turn-around mode and we need a turn-around specialist which greatly limits the pool of coaching candidates. It will take a very, very special person to come in, figure out what is wrong with the program and then make changes to right the ship. We will also need to be patient. The cupboard is so bare, I think it might take 2-3 years before we win 6 games again. This is a bummer but we can only go up from here.

eagleboston said...

And Ryan, don't question my support of BC football. I'm spending several hundred dollars to fly out to Boston and cheer on the Eagles. Yes, I am pessimistic about our chances, but I have a lot of facts to back up my pessimism. Spaz has lost 3 straight to the Irish. This is clearly the best Irish team in years. We have beaten Maine and Maryland this season. We lost to Army and Wake! What about the facts I have just stated leads you to believe BC has any hope of winning Saturday? I will be there to cheer them on and hope for the best, but I fear an out and out embarrassment in primetime.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hey Frank - Cut A Chogie - move out very quickly.

It's an expression we used when I was in the Army overseas and it's appropriate now.

And don't expect any buyout, you stiff.

The attorneys will find some hostile work environment or discrimination/harassment deal to tie up any undeserved buyout.

And the fans will file suit.

Go BC players - beat ND by yourselves. Show some pride, and throw off the shackles of coaching incompetence.

Pull out all the stops and use plays that have not been seen by anyone this year. Take chances and go all out. We'll be proud of you.

Martin is under Spaziani's spell. Throw off the shackles - give yourselves a chance.

We can all be suspended together.