Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frye, McGovern confirmed by BC

The two most often rumored staff members became official when BC announced that Addazio hired Justin Frye as Offensive Line coach and former Defensive Coordinator Bill McGovern will transition back to Linebackers coach. Frye is a bit green to get such a critical position for BC, but I think he will benefit from working under Addazio (himself a former OL coach). As one of the younger members of the staff, you have to assume that Fyre will be a key recruiter.

Bill McGovern staying on is more complicated. Addazio will be the fifth BC coach McGovern has worked under and that should carry some weight. McGovern is beloved by former players and many went to bat for him this go around. He's obviously well liked and is now a BC parent, so I respect his relationships and ties to the school. It is important to have people like that around the program. However, McGovern is the embodiment of many of the issues of the last ten years. We need new ones and going 2-10 confirms that. Once a valuable recruiter, McGovern has been sidelined a bit as Spaz's DC. Is he ready to hit the road again and become our man in New Jersey? Can he work with Don Brown after serving as DC last year? How will he adjust to the demotion? These are all big factors. I am happy for McGovern that his professional life didn't disrupt his personnel life too much. He doesn't have to uproot. But I hope he buys in to his new role. It will be critical for Addazio's success.


EL MIZ said...

good point on McGovern, but its not like they had to keep him. i would be surprised if he didn't make his case for why he should stay and sold Addazio, rather than Addazio chasing him to try to keep him around. agree that if McG want to stay here, it is probably a good move -- the LBs have always been a position of strength, his recruiting has been good (Momah, Larmond, LeGrande, Pantale, DeVitto, Shakim Phillips, Duggan), if he wants to be here he's an asset.

really hoping that Al Washington and Rich Gunnell are kept on board, having former players (in my opinion) has gotta help recruiting. those guys can relate the best having played here.

Erik said...

Another key point in the Heralds article besides his success w linebackers like Luke Herzy and Clancy is that there will be consistency at our strongest position with KPL, Devitto, Daniels and Co all returning. Those guys like McG and are doing well under his coaching.

Also, 2 years ago you'd all probably been piased to lose McG. Our defense wasn't great this past year but talent plays into it.

This is a great coaching hire for a Linebacker coach. Proven success. Experience. Knowledge of BC - the school and the players.

Very glad to have him retained.

Knucklehead said...

Personality-wise McGovern should be an ace recruiter especially in Ohio and New Jersey.

One of the things that has bothered me with Spaz over the last couple years is that we have not signed any players from Don Bosco in Jersey.

Did Spaz burn that bridge?

nceaglefan said...

His shit running of our program burned that bridge for sure, why would you want to go play for an over the hill lame duck idiot for a coach! Agreed we need to get that pipeline running again.

CatabEagle said...

Random question:

Does McGovern get tuition covered for his kids? As was brought up earlier, that's a 200k bonus for a LB coach. Not a bad perk.

If Herzy, Keuchley, and Clancy love the guy, however, I have no issues with bringing him back. Our LBs have been our strength for some time, and I'd enjoy keeping him on if he can point to those close relationships to those players in the NFL.

mod34b said...

Let's consider for a moment McG's recruiting pitch.

Enter one Billy Guvs, making a candid pitch to a recruit and his family:

I presided over among the worst rushing defenses in the nation in 2012. I presided over one of the worst passing defenses and one of the worst overall defenses in the nation in 2012. I got my clock cleaned by Army. I could not stop them - at all. I presided over perhaps the worst defense in the long proud BC football history. I was a key part of making BC into a loser program. I am a loser.

Also, the defense I designed is all about being passive and trying to be brave when the other side steamrolls you for over 500 yards a game, like Army, Clemson, FSu etc did But, hey, Forget about my years of puke-ish passivity, new DC Brown is going to be aggressive and blitz. Even though I have no idea how to blitz my LBs will be blitz-a-holics. I guess. Maybe.

In fact, as a result of my bad work, I was stripped of my title and demoted. Did I protest? No. I was happy to just survive. Did I quit and get a better job? No, I have no stones. Those were lost long ago. I guess, personally, I bend, a lot, but I don't break.

Everything about BC football is new, well except me, Ryan, Sean and half the coaches.

So, kid even though I am the personification of a loser - result-wise and self-esteem-wise, please come to BC. Your gonna be the next Luke or Mark. Yeah. Come to BC kid.

mod34b said...

By the way, let's not put too much stock in Herzy's recommendations: he pushed for Spaz as HC.

Jeff said...

mod34b, that's garbage. We didn't hire McG back as a DC, we hired him as a LB coach. His resume as a LB coach is pretty close to unassailable. Just having been Luke Kuechley's coach has got to be a terrific recruiting pitch, especially if Kuechley wins defensive rookie of the year honors. Even if he doesn't, we put him in position to be a top-10 draft pick. Luke's just the brightest star amongst many successful LBs to get coached by McG.

Hario said...

Not sure how I feel about bringing McGovern back but Mod34b I am pretty sure his recruiting pitch could also go something like this:

"You want to make it to the NFL one day? Well I coached Franki Chamberlin, Vinny Ciurciu, Rickey Brown, Jo-Lon Dunbar, Mark Herzlich, Robert Francois, and Luke Kueckly. If you want to make it to the NFL I can help you get there."
....or atleast thats what he should be saying

Herzylax22 said...

Keeping Bill McGovern is a huge win for BC football. He's a great recruiter, a great coach and a great mentor. He's shown nothing but ability to develop linebackers. Don't let last year's season cloud your judgement. Bill was hampered by talent and oversight issues. It's great that he'll still be there.

Claver2010 said...

"He's a great recruiter, a great coach...Bill was hampered by talent issues"

those statements seem to be contradictory.

He's been here for what 12 years? Running the D for 4? The D last year was beyond miserable including the LBs.

And for those who are inclined, please don't give me the Clancy stats & accolades, watch the game not the boxscore.

Maybe he's a good LB coach but a shitty DC? I'll take your word for it on recruiting but the talent on D is so far off from 5 years ago and he's been here coaching on D through it all.

I'm fine with the demotion/retention but let's not pretend he's this big time coach that big time schools are looking to steal.

CatabEagle said...

Hario -

That's exactly my point. McGovern not only sent guys to the NFL, but he sent 1-2 star guys to the NFL. BC is not in a place right now where we can expect to get even three star guys. But what made BC great was turning 1-2 star guys into pros. That is what we must continue to do. The only swing and a miss was Toal, and, if you were around BC over the past decade, you know the Toal situation was self-destructive and not the fault of anyone but himself. I'm happy to have McGovern back, but I may be in the minority on this.