Friday, December 21, 2012

More Addazio staff announcements

Another day, another round of staff announcements. Rumored candidate and friend of Addazio -- Frank Piriano -- will be Tight Ends coach. Leonard has a decent resume with a mix of college and NFL stops. He was with Temple last year.

The more critical hire is a different Temple guy. Addazio is bringing his strength and conditioning coach Frank Piraino over to BC. The S&C guy now serves as an important bridge between monitored sessions and the offseason workouts. Piriano came up in the Florida program, so you can assume he follows the Urban Meyer school of thought -- with a focus more on speed than size. It is probably closer to what we did  under Jags vs the TOB/Spaz philosophy.

Still no announcement regarding other holdovers. To me that indicates it is unlikely that other Spaz guys will stay on with Addazio. 


JBQ said...

I would really hope that Richie Gunnell could be considered for wide receiver coach. He has spunk.

mod10aeagle said...

Other than Amidon, have any BC receivers been impressive in the last couple of years? Swigert showed some flashes of talent between injuries. Larmond and Coleman haven't shown any ability to take advantage of their size and/or athletic ability, in my opinion. At times, Coleman looked completely lost. Is that a lack of talent or lack of coaching?

Knucklehead said...

Gunnell d-bag.

Brandon Robinson was solid.

Class is over.

Back to wrapping shit

Wesley said...

I had heard that Washington was onboard pending a Don Brown conversation, so we will see how that goes.

Hario said...

{Enter Mod34B complaint here}

mod34b said...

Hario, I gave the Brown hire an A- my complaint is on the retreads - Guvs and Day, two slugs.

No comment on the double Frank hire.

Do you have your own views?

Walter said...

nice win over providence today

Hario said...

Just having some fun with you mod34,

My views are I like the Brown hire.

Indifferent on mcgovern being demoted to LB coach. We have had good LBs when he was coaching there.. its hard to deny that and has recruited NJ well in the past but I would have been ok with him fired if that was the choice.

Day im skeptical on but hopeful.

I was fairly happy with his performance as our WR coach.

He was OC last year for temple and I can safely admit I did not watch much Temple football so its tough for me to comment accurately on his performance last year but numbers don't look great so there in lies my skepticism. I have heard former BC guys say Day is much more like Logan than spaz and there in lies my hopefulness.