Monday, January 14, 2013

Al Washington staying?

BC has yet to make an official announcement on the potential staff holdovers from the Spaz regime. Speculation has been McGovern would be the only one to stay. Now recruit Myles Willis is tweeting that Al Washington is staying too. In my opinion that is good news but incomplete until we know his role and who else is staying.


EL MIZ said...

would be silly to let Al leave. feedback from recruits last year on Twitter was that AL's a strong recruiter. plus he played at BC, which has to help on the recruiting trail.

hopefully Gunnell comes back too.

JBQ said...

Here's a second for Richie G. The administration should look closely at putting their influence into seeing that he is considered strongly. He had that winning spark which included taking on the ND qb on national tv who tried to horm in on his tv interview. I still remember that RG. I continue to wish you well.