Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hockey wins without York and other links

The Hockey team beat UNH 5-2. It was the first of two games the team will play while York recovers from his eye surgery.

It's comedic, but EDSBS likes the Addazio hire.

In the last question of Bruce Feldman's mailbag, he mentions Don Brown as a great addition.


mod10aeagle said...

Nice header on USCHO: "Johnny B. Gaudreau". I guess that's pretty obvious, but I didn't think of it, hadn't seen it before.

I've also seen a superfan-style shirt with "Gaudreauby Baker" on it. That's a good one.

Was great to see them return to form against UNH last night. The previous few games (sans "Johnny Hockey") were disconcerting.

Joseph said...

NCState beats #1 Duke. BC plays NCS very evenly. Anything to this? What if the Eagles beat WF today? On a roll?

Joseph said...

Damned close at the end. Missed plenty of 3s and FT. But, never gave up.

Lenny Sienko said...

Welcome to road games in Carolina. BC muscled at every opportunity. No way all fouls could be called. Two (2) flagrant fouls against Wake were only "tip of iceberg".

BC is at a disadvantage in this type of game, which reminds one of the old Big East. The Georgetown-style was always impossible to officiate. You can't possibly call all of the fouls.

I'm surprised we didn't see Caudill in for a few minutes for a bit more heft in the lineup. That was a role he could play. We have no "enforcer" to protect his team mates.

Good effort under adverse circumstances; but still an "L"-not a "W".

mod10aeagle said...

Definitely a game they could have and should have won, but other than a five minute span when they got very sloppy with the ball, they played pretty well.

Two plays at the end were baffling, though. They came out of a time out with maybe a minute to play and down one, I think, and ran a play designed to have Rahon driving to the hoop. Most days, that's ok, but today Rahon was like 0 for 15 from the floor, including missed lay ups. Why wasn't that play drawn for Hanlon? And then, on the final in-bounds with 1.5 seconds left and down 3, rather than getting the ball in to Jackson, the guy with the hot hand, they gave it to Hanlon, who missed, obviously. Strange.