Sunday, January 13, 2013

BC wastes opportunity at Wake

I am not greedy about this team's progress. I know road wins are rare and Wake is improving, but we cannot let ACC wins slip away like that. Although we fought back to make it close, BC could and should have controlled the game. We made too many lapses defensively and too many turnovers and wasted FTs. Other thoughts:

-- Jackson getting hot. He's driving well and he made some huge shots to help our momentum at different times.
-- Heckmann's offense. Defensively he had some head scratchers and bad fouls, but he was very efficient on the other end. 
-- Fighting back. I mentioned it above, but the team did show some poise by chipping away at Wake's lead in the final minutes. 

-- Rahon's day. If you put that much on a freshman's shoulders, a bad day is bound to happen. He couldn't buy a shot including his drive in the final seconds. 
-- Anderson's foul shots. He's got to convert those in a tight game.
-- Defense on Harris. He's a good player but we made him look great. The coaches need to make adjustments especially when Wake doesn't have a team full of scorers. 


BCAlum2000 said...

The missed FT's were absolute killers. That said, I have been pleasantly surprised by this team so far during ACC play. I still think the talent is pretty thin, but the core group of Anderson, Jackson, Hanlon and Rahon are legit. Those two freshman guards are going to be real good. I love Hanlon's game. That said, beyond that they are paper thin. Clifford, whether he could be good or not, is just a banged up mess who really cant contribute. Heckman is just way too inconsistent. This team reminds me a lot of the early 2000's guard dominated squads that really took the nation by surprised in 2001/2002. I think this team could do something similar next year. This year will be a continued learning season. What would this team give for a Craig Smith type guy.

Unknown said...

Some additional likes and dislikes:

Odio giving one of his best performances to date, we actually didnt fall off in terms of production when he was out there and he brought something to the table.

Turnovers, we did such a good job taking care of the basketball against VT. NC State was able to turn us over and score points in transition...

Officiating. They got the two elbowing calls right against Wake, but I was surprised by the Clifford intential foul, the no call at the end of the game (although as Rese Rice and Sheldon Williams taught us, you cant wait for the no call), and the general lack of control of the game. Things seemed chippy early on and this crew didnt seem to know how to reign it back in.

mod10aeagle said...

The worst non-call of the game was on Rahon's late and unsuccessful drive to the basket. He was hit twice while in the act. Given the kind of day he was having, I'm sure his primary objective was to get to the free throw line, and he earned it. The stripes just blew it.

If this season is going to be anything more than just "good progress", the Eagles are going to have to get back to making free throws at the 73% clip and limiting the turnovers as they did in the VT game. The margin for error is as thin as the bench.

eagleboston said...

Wow, Matt Ryan cannot win the big game. His legacy is not good at this point.

eagleboston said...

Reverse Karma! Have not had a chance to use it in several years since BC has been so down.

Claver2010 said...

eagleboston said...
Wow, Matt Ryan cannot win the big game. His legacy is not good at this point.

Well done.

So essentially his legacy altered on a coinflip of a field goal?

Inability to win in the playoffs is such an idiotic narrative. Thrilled he won so we don't have to hear it anymore.