Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Roundup

While most of us were watching football, the Women's Hockey team staged an improbable comeback and win in OT.

New WRs Coach Todd Fitch's hometown paper is keeping tabs of his recruiting in Ohio.

With their win over Clemson, the Women's Basketball team already exceeded their ACC total from last year. Congrats to Coach Johnson.

The Men's Hockey team lost Saturday's game to UNH.


mod34b said...

I guess the only Eagles who played in the NFL games this weekend were Raji and Ryan. (I don't recall seeing Koppen, Brown, or Francois in action - who else did I miss?) .

Ryan was, mostly, awesome. Glad he got rid of the can't-win-in-the-playoffs label.

Raji did not look good, at all. Seemed like SF was gashing the middle of the GB DL - aka RAJI land.

Dports1 said...

Koppen played center for the Denver Broncos.

Claver2010 said...

Francois plays mostly ST for the Packers, haven't seen him take many (if any) defensive snaps.

NEDofSavinHill said...

What an amazing display of QB play by TOB's two pupils ( Wilson and Ryan) Only one SEC QB made the final 12 NFL teams ( P. Manning). He lost his only contest. Is Spaz the OC at Denver? How else do you explain taking the knee with time left.2. BC looks like a tourney team in hockey. Once you get there anything can happen. In b-ball improvement is seen. A win over three and 0 ( ACC ) Miami and post season thoughts are not unrealistic. In football time will tell. A top notch QB can add several wins each year. Should DAZ use Kelly's flirtation with the NFL to BC's recruiting advantage? Shouldn't he tell all ND recruits that their coach is only there for one or two more years? Why go through a coaching change.

mod34b said...

Ned, it was yes the TOB bowl of sorts.

But Wilson actually was not recruited by TOB. He committed to NCSU on 7/23/06. TOB started 12/06. I guess TOB helped retain Wilson as a recruit. Interestingly, Wilson was a 2* recruit -- only other offer was Duke.

Also notable is that both players blossomed after leaving TOB. Maybe the TOB discipline provided each with a solid foundation for later success.

And like many TOB players, both Ryan and Wilson are real gentlemen -- both gracious in victory and defeat.