Monday, February 04, 2013

BC wins Beanpot opener

After a tight first period, BC scored to go up 1-0 going into the first break. From there we controlled defeating Harvard 4-1. BC will now face...NORTHEASTERN in the Finals next Monday. Yes, you read that correctly, BU lost in the first game. Too bad. 

I wanted to note that the students really came through tonight. It was referenced on twitter, but you could see and hear it on the NESN feed. They were loud and ready to cheer. Let's keep it going next week in the Finals.


Erik said...

Don't forget Sunday is the one game our students go to see the basketball team. Hope they get their homework and Facebook finished in time

Unknown said...

The disparity in shots on goal was crazy

mod34b said...

Juast how bad was GDF?

This bad (from Today's Herald)

Super Bowl champion John Harbaugh has just become one of the most respected coaches on the highest level of the sport.

So he thought it was funny yesterday while conducting an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News and recalling some college jobs he couldn't get.

One of those was Boston College, which wouldn't even give him the time of day. Harbaugh told the Daily News that he tried to reach out to BC in 2007, but they wouldn't even speak to him. Boston College wound up hiring Jeff Jagodzinski, who was fired after two seasons.

Harbaugh tried to land these jobs while coaching the Philadelphia Eagles special teams. He was also ignored by Syracuse in 2005 and missed out on UCLA in 2008, about one week before he was contacted by Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome.


mod10aeagle said...

Nice to see a hard-working, low-profile kid like Quinn Smith get to be the offensive hero.

Bad to hear Harbaugh rippin' the scab off the Jagodzinki wound.