Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Rouse commits to BC

New York Running Back Tyler Rouse committed to BC Tuesday and will sign a Letter of Intent Wednesday. Although he was New York's Gatorade Player of the Year, Rouse didn't attract much FBS-level interest due to his height. He's only 5'8, however, his productivity shows he can carry a big load.

Congrats to Tyler and let's hope his decision means National Signing Day is a good one for BC. Addazio's reputation as a recruiter is not exclusively about sales. He's also supposed to have a good eye for talent. I hope this is an example of him finding a diamond in the rough.


mod34b said...

Let's hope Daz is as good as what "could have been" (Bravesbill...... calling Bravebill)

from Today's Herald:

Super Bowl champion John Harbaugh has just become one of the most respected coaches on the highest level of the sport.

So he thought it was funny yesterday while conducting an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News and recalling some college jobs he couldn't get.

One of those was Boston College, which wouldn't even give him the time of day. Harbaugh told the Daily News that he tried to reach out to BC in 2007, but they wouldn't even speak to him. Boston College wound up hiring Jeff Jagodzinski, who was fired after two seasons.

Harbaugh tried to land these jobs while coaching the Philadelphia Eagles special teams. He was also ignored by Syracuse in 2005 and missed out on UCLA in 2008, about one week before he was contacted by Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome.

[pardon me, this is a repost from earlier today]

Greg D said...

How could you not mention that he is from BALDWINsville? He is destined to be a star at BC!

John said...

There have been plenty of great runners who are 5'8". Welcome to BC, Tyler - I wish you the best.

What a fraud was GDF - a real faker.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I'm afraid to watch this Miami game.

John said...

Free throws continue to be horrible = bad coaching. Apparently shooting is not an issue with this staff.

dixieagle said...

No excuse whatsoever for lousy free throws.

mod10aeagle said...

Rouse looks impressive in the workout video on youtube, but how is it possible that the #1 high school player in NY doesn't have a lick of football video available on youtube?

JBQ said...

Addazio wants to "run the ball". That means that Rouse is a key ingredient. Being the Gatorade player of the year in New York by any other name is still impressive. Hopefully, national signing day will bring Christmas a little late and BC will be "off and running".

Knucklehead said...

Derrick Knight

Jeff said...

According to the stats in that article, it sounds like Rouse rushed for about 300 yards and 4-5 TDs per game in his senior year. Can that be right? Are such huge rushing stats normal in high school? Seems absurdly high, compared to NFL or FBS top rushers. These are Madden stats :P

Bravesbill said...

Mod--To be fair, I was calling for BC to hire Jim Harbaugh out of USD. Given his success at an academic institution (Stanford), he probably would have been a better fit at BC. Great hire GDF.