Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Recruiting news and other links

At his Signing Day press conference, Steve Addazio said 2014 recruiting was already in full swing. You can start to see some of the activity based on the recruits talking to the media. BC has an offer into Florida QB Sean White. Illinois OL prospect Chase Gianacakos just visited campus. Despite an ACL injury, BC has interest in Florida WR prospect Charles Nelson

Because of the Rangers's schedule Chris Kreider was able to see his old teammates win another Beanpot

After playing 2012 in the Arena League, the Seattle Seahawks are giving Will Blackmon another shot at the NFL.

The NFL invited Montell Harris to the Combine. Based on how he ended his season, you would have to think he's back to full strength. Let's hope he gets a shot at the next level.

Finally, BC produced a 'Tribute to Jerry York" If you haven't already watched, click on the Youtube video below. It is well worth your time.


mod34b said...

Great video of Jerry York. A tad long, but worth watching (ok, I skipped over a few parts)

Good to see Father Monan on tape too. Monan looks great.

I liked -- near end -- where a commenter said York' success was due to his positive attitude about life. That plus a fabulous work ethic and great knowledge adn skill about coaching, people, and hockey is what makes Jerry York an unbelievable treasure for BOSTON COLLEGE

ps. Montel has only one "L"

NEDofSavinHill said...

Thank you for that excellent video on York. Did anyone note that the Big 10 is looking to form alliances with other conferences in football(according to a recent Delaney statement) Because their attempt with the Pac 12 failed they could only be looking at the Big 12, SEC and ACC. Are they responding to Bowsley of the Big 12 who has advanced that idea recently. Are they concerned that a PAC 12, BIG 12 and ACC alliance would create more attractive inter conference games for tv than what the Big 10 could produce? Are the audiences much higher for BCS opponents than FCS? Would the Big 10 network be diminished without quality non conference games? Should the ACC be receptive to a Big 10 overture? Should the ACC distance itself from the Big 10? Didn't the Big 10 just raid the ACC for Maryland? Shouldn't the ACC ( ND included) avoid the Big 10 for the heist of the Terps? Should the ACC terminate the Big 10 challenge in b-ball and switch to an ACC - Pac 12 challenge? 2. Observer is 100% correct when he notes that the refs tilt to Duke helps the conference as a whole. Too bad the dolts that run the ACC didn't apply the same principle in 2007 when Ryan and BC were #2 in the nation in football. Instead of having the officials give the second best team in the land the shaft. If that BC team had played OSU for the title BC would have won by 3 touchdowns. The ACC would have been thought of as the top conference and the revenue would have followed.

JBQ said...

It really does appear that Addazio is a very good recruiter. So far, so good.

mod34b said...

NedofGrammarHill -- use separate paragraphs for separate ideas!!! hard to read!!

C. Scanz said...

Idk about this QB White..."I don't have any weaknesses"??? Ok, junior, I expect you to be a unanimous All-American and Heisman winner as a true freshman.