Saturday, March 30, 2013

Momah gets his NFL shot with Philly

The other Eagles signed Ifeanyi Momah to a three-year deal. Because he was not draft eligible, Momah was free to sign whenever and with whatever team he wanted. After his strong showing at BC's Pro Day, Momah had multiple options.

Philadelphia made sense for a lot of reasons. They are changing offenses, so Momah will be learning a new system at the same time his teammates are (which levels the playing field). There are many BC ties and coaches he knows so they will make sure he gets a fair shake.

Because NFL deals are not guaranteed Momah could still be let go before the season starts. But as long as he stays healthy, I think he will play. Congrats to him and I hope he shines.


Joseph said...

Good luck to a real class guy. He'll do fine if talent, brains and hard work matter.

JBQ said...

The NFL pay structure and union agreement are "insanity". It seems like something straight out of Bill Veeck (as in wreck). You could give a "height challenged" indiviual a contract for one million dollars a week. The preseason does not count and if you cut the individual before the 17 week season. You owe him or even her nothing. Compare this to the five year deal for various of the St. Louis Cardinal pitchers whether it be Carpenter or Wainwright. They have multi year deals for about 20 mill per year. Both are injured and will still receive their money. Carpenter is through and Wainwright is hanging around. Unfortunately, I would say that Momah is only "cannon fodder" for the preseason. I am totally amazed that the crippled Herzlich made the Giants roster. I would say that T.C. had a lot to do with it. Momah deserves it but how will the "fickle finger of fate" react? The union is a "bit on the shady" side. MLB and NBA contracts are hard to believe and each and every one is a "god unto himself" and a "legend in their own mind".