Sunday, March 31, 2013

Union ends Hockey's run

Like many I now take Frozen Four appearances as a given. After Union's 5-1 over the Hockey team, we won't be going anywhere. Union's dominance was the culmination of a few weeks where everything just seemed a bit off. First York dealt with another eye surgery. Then we lost in the Hockey East. Now were are out of the NCAAs after one round. 

The game really turned on penalties. BC kept getting whistled and Union kept converting their chances. We scored a late goal to break up their shutout, but after their first goal we really lost momentum.

Now BC is left to regroup and get ready for next season. The biggest questions isn't roster or defense, but York's health. For those who watched the game, you probably saw York's eye-patch. Let's hope the tie off leads to a full recovery.


Eagle 1 said...

That was a disgrace. Sloppy passing from the start, no organization, and terrible power plays. York should have put a patch on both eyes.

mod10aeagle said...

Way to stay classy Eagle 1.

I thought Barry Melrose summed it up pretty well at around the mid-point of the game. He said this was a re-building year for BC. They won the Beanpot and were a #2 regional seed in the NCAA. "BC's rebuilding years are not like anybody else's rebuilding years."

Lenny Sienko said...

Best wishes for a full recovery to Coach York and to the BC Hockey team.

We have defensive help on the way.

The only thing left for this year is hoping Johnny Hockey takes home the Hobey Baker.

OB68 said...

With the exception of some early wins this years version of BC Hockey was far from typical. They were not consistent on defense, leading to more goals than typical. The defensive problems also significantly contributed to the less than stellar goal tending by Milner. In addition the number of and timing of penalties as well as the decline in power play and man short efficiency contributed to the season ending lack of success. From the mid point of the season, this team never came up "big" in the important games, a hallmark of BC hockey. Most importantly however I believe the absence of Coach York at a critical time of the season had a dramatic negative effect. We may have one of the best coaching staff in hockey, but the absence of the leader does make a difference. I saw a different team for that stretch when York was not behind the bench, and I believe that the poor play which began with his first absence continued through the end of the year. I was convinced this team could not win the Union game and unfortunately I was correct. BC hockey (2013 version) was on the way down, while Union was on the way up. Already looking forward to next year and a very very competitive Hockey East as well as a greatly improved ECAC.

mod10aeagle said...

Considering the talent and leadership the program lost to graduation and early departures after last year's fantastic season, we should have expected a down year as Jerry and staff rebuild. The loss of Alber from an already depleted blue line group caused chaos as Jerry tried to juggle players to fill the hole. At the time of the season when they are usually figuring out the most effective line make-ups, they had to deal with the loss of Hayes, Matheson's concussion, Gaudreau's absence ... Not surprising, it was all too much for them to overcome.

On the other hand, the staff learned a lot about players that weren't expected to get much playing time this year.