Monday, May 06, 2013

Addazio surprising national recruitniks and other links

As Addazio piles up commitments, the national recruiting writers are starting to take notice. New coaches obviously have a natural momentum to their early classes, but I think Addazio deserves credit for what he's pulled in so far. None of this means these guys will be any good, but I think your player development starts from a better place when you get your first choices into the program.

Congratulations to the Women's Lacrosse team for their NCAA tournament bid.

Sports Business Daily thinks real movement on the ACC Network will begin soon.

Here are the ACC's bowl affiliations for this season.

The Orlando Sentinel doesn't expect much of us this fall.

Here is the highlight video from the basketball banquet.

In case you missed it, this is Maria Pandolfo's catch from Sunday that went viral on Monday.


JBQ said...

Women's lacrosse but no men's, title IX gone amuck. "The Last of the Mohicans" would be appalled with no wrestling either.

Unknown said...

Could not agree more about the unintended consequences of Title IX. But put it aside because the Womens's Lacrosse team is the real deal. They are talented and making real strides. With their ability to score they are a real threat to knock off a higher seed and go places in this tournament. GO BC!

Knucklehead said...

Jesus, who gives a steaming log about womens sports, volleyball yes. Otherwise no one cares even if it impacts third tier mens sports.

Why do you couch your positve comments about recruiting with "none of this means these guys will be very good?"

You do it all the time and it is typical Boston College douchbaggery. If you are posting something good about BC then let people read it that way. Posting a positive story and then making a passive agressive negative comment is lame. You are like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh when you use that line.


Unknown said...

Go watch the women's lacrosse team play a game. They are damn good, fun to watch and would make you proud.

ATL_eagle said...


Because in general I don't care much about what the recruiting sites think. Collectively their ability to pick out future stars is poor. So as an open critic of the system, I cannot come out and say: "these guys are sure to be great!". I do appreciate that Daz is targeting players he wants early and fighting for them. That is something Spaz didn't do well.

Alex L. said...

Shorter Knucklehead:

"Jesus blah blah blah Christ".

Joseph said...

Who gave you the name "Knucklehead". Whoever, they sure knew you well.