Sunday, May 05, 2013

I look at Swofford's dealmaking and other links

John Swofford is a pretty polarizing figure among ACC fans and media. Some consider him a good ol' boy who gets pushed around by ESPN and the bigger conferences. Others refer to him as Ninja Swofford. This article goes in-depth about how the new ACC Grant of Rights deal came about. I think it shows both sides of Swofford. He was able to cajole a deal but only after getting blindsided by Maryland. I am not a fan of Swofford. While I will be forever grateful for BC joining the ACC, I think he's screwed up repeatedly in this process which is why the ACC often seems to be scrambling.

Pennsylvania Linebacker Christian Lezzer committed to BC this weekend.

Baseball beat Virginia Tech on Sunday for their third ACC win.

Olivier Hanlan earned team MVP honors at the annual Basketball awards dinner.

Softball lost to Georgia Tech.

Men's Lacrosse finished their regular season undefeated.

BC grad student Brittany Loring is sharing her story for the first time since being injured in the Marathon Bombing.


Claver2010 said...

Maybe it's since we're new to the ACC but I don't get the disappointment of Maryland leaving. It's a broke athletic dept with a pretty bad football program, middle of the road basketball program & the worst fans in the ACC.

Adding Louisville was a huge upgrade for the ACC

Unknown said...

The Women's Lacrosse team made the NCAA Tourney! This is a great team to watch - high caliber talent & improving wonderfully this season. Go Eagles!!

Joseph said...

Only problem with Louisville is that it has (always was?) as sports factory.

Knucklehead said...

Boston College has the worst fans in the ACC. No question.

Joseph said...

How are fans graded? How do you rate us as being worst? We are definitely not at the top, but... Do you mean all sports? Or, just football? How about hockey? Worst there too?

mod10aeagle said...

"Worst" implies you know about all other schools' fans, so I wouldn't say that, but I will say from significant personal experience over many years that the hockey team does NOT get the fan support a program of its stature -- three national championships in five years -- deserves. It's alarming to see the rink half empty at the end of the first period against conference foes. Clearly, the BU games are different, but just about any other game features lots of empty seats and generally quiet fans (outside of the students and students from opposing schools, especially UNH and Maine). It's pretty appalling.

Knucklehead said...

Joseph the wiseass,
It was a response to the first comment. So, in the ACC Boston College has the worst fans.

I don't care what you would say. Don't quote me.
I watch the games and go to the games. Our basketball stadium gets 2500 people a contest. Every other school in the ACC gets 3 times that. The only times the football stadium is sold out is when when we have a 8pm national game, which happens every two years. Our stadium is the smallest in the league.

Fans suck at coming out to stadiums. That is what happens when you go national.

Joseph said...

No, it's what happens when we have negative Neds like you.