Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baseball loses finale, no easy answers ahead

Baseball dropped their final game of the season, concluding the worst year BC Baseball has had as a member of a conference (Big East and ACC). They finished 12-40 overall and 4-25 in the ACC. Being competitive in the ACC will always be a challenge, but I think the cause for concern was how much BC struggled outside of the conference. Given all of our advantages just from a talent perspective we should not struggle against other New England and northern teams.

We all know the structural issues around the program. But we won't build a new field overnight. We cannot change the climate. And although the roster under-performed given their stats in high school and AAU, we cannot drastically change much about that in one season. Fair or not, the thing Bates can do is change the coaching. He has two options: fire Gambino or give Gambino more money to address his assistants situation. I don't know which direction he will take. Bates fired Spaz, but that was nearly predetermined for any AD prospect. Gambino was probably not on his radar when Bates interviewed last fall. This will be a tough call. Do you get rid of a young alum or do you give him one more season?

I am not a BC baseball expert. But those who do follow it closely like Brian Foley from College Baseball Daily think Gambino needs to go. Statistically we were a mess. Our record was pitiful and our players did not scratch the surface of their potential.

We will have obstacles in building an elite baseball program. But there are no obstacles to building a competitive one. Bates needs to figure out how to become competitive and then make the tough decisions to get us there.


chicagofire1871 said...

Dare I say that it doesn't matter? College baseball doesn't move the needle with BC alumni, nor students. Win, lose...birdball should be treated like any other non-revenue sport. Nice when we win, no big deal when we lose.

Big Jack Krack said...

I think it's more than a "no big deal when we lose", Chicago simply because it is such an embarrassment.

If we choose to compete - then let's get it together.

Otherwise, drop the sport.

Big Jack Krack said...

"He has two options: fire Gambino or give Gambino more money to address his assistants situation."

I'm not close enough to the situation, but this has been going downhill since Gambino got the job. If he is a young Spaz, BB doesn't need any more evidence.

By by!

Fenwick 111 said...

The team definitely improved as the year went along and the team never gave up on Gambino. Of course he should remain - bad records don't always equate to bad coaching.
BC fans - do you realize that Jerry York was 8-21-5 just three seasons before joining BC as head coach? What would have happened if he had been thrown into the trash can after that year?
Additionally, can we please stop all of the chatter regarding dropping baseball? Harvard just finished their season 10-31, and there isn't a whisper about dropping the sport. Give Gambino a chance, build the field that has been promised, and watch the team flourish.

skip12 said...

Program needs change in the worst way. In no particular order:
1) Hire a successful head coach from a mid-major d1 or a high level d1 assistant. Either hire must bring a top level recruiter.
2) pay for a 2nd full-time assistant in accordance with just about every major d1 school
3) at a minimum, move your acc games to Lowell or brockton. Charge admission and promote the program to youth/hs programs. 9 of the top 32 teams in this weeks poll are from the future acc. Its certainly good baseball for an area that gets 1700 fans a night for brockton rox futures league games. At least give the program some sense of being in a top level conference by playing in a quality park with lights until or if a new park is ever built
4) Build a wall around new england when it comes to recruiting and signing the best talent that goes to school.
5) Build a new facility

Being competitive in the acc can be done (see 2009 and 2010). Qualifying for the acc tournament gives you a shot at an NCAA tournament berth. That means finish in the top half of the conference going forward. With the proper resources in place, no reason BC cannot be successful, even in the northeast, where a school like stony brook just last year won the regional in Miami, win a super regional at LSU, and advance to Omaha. STONY BROOK!!!

Brian P. Foley said...

Skip, if you finish in the Top 4 in the ACC, you are HOSTING a Regional which gives you a MUCH better chance at going to the Supers...etc...

Rob O'Hanlon said...

Needs new coach ASAP, losing top hitter who he never played!! Kid still has 2 seasons to play as well.
Other players quit mid year. Fact.

Rob O'Hanlon said...

Needs new coach ASAP, losing top hitter who he never played!! Kid still has 2 seasons to play as well.
Other players quit mid year. Fact.

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