Thursday, May 23, 2013

Early game confirmed and other links

The ACC officially announced the starting times and broadcast partners for the first two weeks of the season (all other games will be determined on a week-to-week basis once play begins). The Villanova game will have a noon kickoff and will be shown on ESPN3. The Wake Forest game will be a Friday September 6 on ESPN 2.

Hoffses reported that Johnathan Coleman decided to bypass his final year of eligibility. He graduated earlier this week. Coleman was a better off the field story than on the field. He never became an elite receiver but with Amidon stepping up and our offense constantly evolving, very few players could reach their potential. This sort of attrition is also to be expected. It doesn't do Addazio much good though since Coleman's scholarship was coming off the books this year anyway.

Momah is doing well in Philadelphia and taking advice from an Eagles legend.


JBQ said...

Pro football is a cold and vicious game "off the field". I read the article on Momah in "Philly Magazine". He is being tutored by Harold Carmichael. It would appear that he is just "cannon fodder" for preseason practice. Football has to be a "means to an end" and not an end in itself. Look at the ridiculous salaries for a chosen few. Preseason pay is ridiculous. Players under salary are only paid for the seventeen weeks of the season and they can be cut on a whim. Now, it comes out that the NFL is classified by the IRS as a "not for profit" organization with Paul Tagliabue receiving a salary of 8.2 million. Can't someone see that there is something wrong with the entire football structure and that college football is only being caught up in a "chase the carrot"" situation? It has been stated succinctly on this site that there are BC vices calling for the reclamation of college football as an "educational" entity rather than a cheap and mesmerizing chase for capitalist greed. The selective enforcement by the NCAA of "the Little Sisters of the Poor" while Cam Newton walks with a trustee who received a one BILLION dollar TARP payout for the NationalBanc of Birmingham should make someone pause and say "enough is enough".

JBQ said...

"BC vices" is a Freudian slip and should be "BC voices".