Wednesday, July 24, 2013

KPL preseason All ACC and other links

I assumed that Steele Divitto would get preseason All ACC votes simply be being at the ACC Kickoff. Instead the media awarded KPL. Congrats to him. He certainly has the tools to be great. I hope the new defensive system allows him to shine.

The basketball team will also play USC this year. That will be a nice coming home for all of our Californians. I hope the Pac 12 Network isn't an issue with this game.

The Philly media likes the Momah story. Let's hope the coaching staff does too.

Denver resigned Dan Koppen.

This isn't BC related, but Stanford is rolling out dynamic pricing for their seats. If it works for them, it will be at Alumni shortly thereafter.


theguymoney said...

BC grad Bedoya lit it up for US in the Gold Cup semis

chicagofire1871 said...

Bedoya could've had an additional assist if Donovan had taken his chance better across goal. Hard to complain though with a such a complete performance.