Saturday, August 24, 2013

Captains announced

BC announced that Ian White and Kasim Edebali will be team Captains this season. No explanation was given for how they were selected or why Addazio limited it to two. What I appreciate about these two though is that they are not expected to be our best players. Perhaps the team and the coaches expect them to perform above expectations. Congrats to both.


Big Jack Krack said...

These are two good choices for Team (Co) Captain.

Let's go, BC - this is game week and it's time to focus.

We really need to enjoy this year as we move into new territory starting next year - the new College Football Playoff. Does this signal the ultimate breakout of 65 - 80 schools that comprise the 5 major conferences?

Can BC compete in a climate of keep up with the Jones?

What's on the horizon? Paying players? Stretching the 4 team playoff to 8 to 16 and maybe 32? The salaries of head coaches and particularly assistants to climb into the stratosphere?

As Ron Morris of The State points out - soon to come will be the lifting of restrictions on practice time - supervised year round workouts; scholarship allotments increasing to 100; spring games against other teams, and admission charged, etc.


Let's go BC - Carpe Diem.

eagleboston said...

The other day, I commented that BC cannot win 6 games this year due to the dearth of talent (this was a team that lost to Army last year after all!) However, I just took a gander at the schedule and I think there is a path to 6 wins.

I believe BC defeats Villanova, Army and New Mexico State (although none of these are guaranteed). I think there is little chance BC wins against USC, Florida State, Clemson or Va Tech. That means if BC can win 3 out of the group of 5 toss-up games, they can make it to 6 wins. Those games are Wake, UNC, NC State, Maryland and Syracuse. I realize it may be a stretch to win 3 of these, but it is not impossible.

How tremendous would that be to get to bowl eligibility after what BC fans have been through the past few years?

Also, I will consider the season a success if I just see one fake punt or field goal this year, something Spaz never attempted in 4 years. Never!

John said...

I think 6 wins are quite possible, Eagleboston and I am hoping (dreaming) for 1 or 2 more.

NEDofSavinHill said...

If Luke ( BC) is to emerge as the top linebacker over the next several years as Gruden predicts, then how do the apologists for the SEC account for Lawrence Taylor ( UNC ) being the top linebacker in the 80s and 90s, Ray Lewis ( MIAMI ) the top from the mid nineties to the present and Keuchley the future. BC, UNC and Miami are ACC programs. It doesn't seem that Penn St. or any SEC school is linebacker U. Does ESPN realize this? Send them some Librium.

Unknown said...

Any reason why Rettig isn't a captain?? Seems strange to me

Langsgangs said...

Unknown: I was wondering the same thing ... Any insight anyone?

Langsgangs said...

Unknown: I was wondering the same thing ... Any insight anyone?