Friday, August 23, 2013

New commitment and other links

BC added another playmaker to our current recruiting class. New Jersey athlete herman Alston committed Thursday. Alston is small but productive and could contribute in a few different positions.

The Mara family donated a Super Bowl Ticket package as part of the Dick Kelley auction.

The Heights broke down our basketball schedule.

Here is ESPN's preview of the team. The wake-up call for me was the "key losses" section. We really didn't lose much talent from our 2-10 team. You'd hope that correlates into this season's squad having plenty of talent and experience.


mod34b said...

"We really didn't lose much talent from our 2-10 team."

I know, and that the problem!

With returning "Talent" such as our worst-in-ACC 2012 DL, DBs and OL and no depth, there remain huge questions about whether the team can really improve. You can't make ice cream out of horse sh@t (or a silk purse out of a sow's ear)

blist said...

This group of guys was better than 2-10 though -- personally I felt Spaz non-/bad-coached us out of another 4 wins last season.

EL MIZ said...

agree with Blist -- a handful of gm last year were L's solely because of Spaz and the other losers on the coaching staff. it was the worst coaching performance in America. i thought this was 5-6 win talent last year - even if we bring that back, and get some production from freshman (Willis and Rouse being the most likely contributors i would guess), plus some coaching up, and this team is a 6-7 win team.

love the talent being added into the offense next year -- Outlow, Thadd Smith, Darius Wade, the Detroit RB, now Sherm Alston -- i'm sure i'm forgetting some guys too. we are going to have a lot of options in a year or two.

eagleboston said...

Mod is right. The talent level is not at the caliber needed to get to a bowl. Do any of you watch other college football games? No way is this squad going to win 6 games this year. I hope I am wrong, but I think 4 might be the more realistic goal.

I love what Addazio is doing so far, but he is not a miracle worker. Give him time to bring in his players and I think 2-3 years from now, we will be bowling again. This season and probably 2014 are likely to be rough sledding.

Big Jack Krack said...

I booked a vacation package to Southern California because I am optimistic as ever. Spaziani almost killed my general optimism and would have if he was not fired.

I am already booked and flying up for the Wake Forest, Florida State and Army because I am always optimistic as a BC fan. My Villanova tickets are in good, appreciative hands.

So until I see a team that can't claw its way out of last place, I am all go, go, go!!!

Let's go BC - beat Villanova and begin the road back.

mod34b said...

Blist and Miz: "You are what your record says you are." - Bill Parcells.


Think about the Army game. No tackling. No blocking. No pass coverage. No heart. No pride. Suckitude. Don't allow these sad sacks players another excuse (Spaz) because they were all about excuses last year. They sucked in 2012. Spaz sucked.

But. I too have some optimism. Yes I do. Hoping for 6-6. But frankly I am worried about the Nova game.