Tuesday, August 06, 2013

New energy around Media Day

By now we all know about Steve Addazio's energy. It is palpable when he speaks and even comes to light in his social media and recruiting. What I didn't realize until today is that the program has bought it. As a distant but long-time observer of BC Media Days, I feel like a cloud has lifted. Players are excited and coaches are allowed to talk and be themselves (they also seem to share Addazio's optimism).

Take a look at the players' faces and body language. Then compare it to last season's Media Day. Other than Spaz -- who was smiling last year? I also appreciate that the Coordinators spoke directly to the press. Even allowing Day and Brown to speak shows a level of comfort and confidence Addazio has in his two playcallers.

The final positive of the day was the turnout. There seemed to be more coverage than in past years. The newness of Addazio is a story, but the changing attitude and accessibility are paying off. Hopefully that leads to more local support and enthusiasm.

Addazio's Press Conference


BCDisco said...

Couple things:

1) This guy is so much more fun to watch and listen to than the last guy.

2) He did throw in there a "it is what it is", but that was specifically in reference to the overall lack of depth, NOT the status of the program and the fans. With good recruiting, the lack of depth will go away.

3) Love the emphasis on: winning is key, losing is unacceptable. Win the opener, get to a bowl game.

4) Also like the emphasis on heavily recruiting in-state and then expanding outwards to all of New England. Be the number 1 FBS program in NE. Slight warning to YUKON, maybe?

5) Finally, nice shoutout to one of my favorite Eagles of all time: Jamie Silva!

Big Jack Krack said...

It's great to feel excited in August again.

Go BC.

eagleboston said...

Love the fact that he is going to be aggressive on both defense and special teams. He specifically mentioned fakes, something his loser predecessor never did in 4 years. Never! I am going to jump out of my chair and run around the block with joy after the first fake field goal or punt this season as I have waited so long for someone competent to come in and call a fake.