Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Reading between the headlines: We're screwed if Rettig gets hurt

Vega captured our QB issues in a balanced, informed manner in the Globe. What a blogger like me might have said is "we're f-cked." We all heard the talk out of spring practices and summer workouts: "the new staff loves Rettig", "they are going to let Chase throw", and "we will go as far as Rettig takes us." Depth was discussed but not in specifics when it came to QB. With Addazio publicly saying Bordner and Marscovetra are fighting for the second spot, it is clear that QB is the area where our depth is most alarming.

I am probably not being fair to our two primary backups. Both have put up with a lot and stuck around. Both have also shown glimpses of potential. The revolving door of coordinators and Spaz's haphazard approach to offense impacted them as much as it did Rettig. Neither were truly allowed to develop. But I also think both have limitations and neither are as good as Rettig throwing. Both might be more athletic and better suited for what Addazio would like to run, but we are a passing team this year. A mid-season switch due to injury will likely be a total mess.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. One of Spaz's biggest recruits was Christian Suntrup. However, he is not made for this offense and his development has been a disappointment (so far). James Walsh and Mack Lowrie may be diamonds in the rough, but no one expects a true freshman to come off the bench to great success.

I am getting excited about this season, so I am trying to ignore that we will certainly be without Rettig in 2014. The only thing keeping me from saying "we're f-cked" then too, is the pipe dream that another season will give Addazio time to develop and/or recruit the perfect QB for his system. Until then, pray for Rettig's continued health.


JBQ said...

Suntrup is from St. Louis. He was pretty good in high school and was very good in a playoff game as a junior against a powerhouse in Webster Groves. He brought them from way behind and a fluke 80 yd touchdown beat him. Nebraska recruited him strongly and Michigan was also in the picture. I saw a picture of the quarterbacks on this site and he was standing way in the background behind Marscovetra and Bordner with the two freshmen actually in the picture more than he. The body language does not bode well. He is classified as a third year sophomore. If he leaves after the year, then he would only have one year somewhere else. It would appear that he is being tagged with "the ghost of Christmas past" and told to do his "headless horseman" impression. It is already obvious that Addazio has tagged him. Someone should have the heart to tell him to leave now so that he could have two years somewhere else. That is only the just thing to do. I believe that he is the second best qb on the roster. Marscovetra and Bordner are jokes compared to Suntrup. I think that Addazio has decided to make him "the whipping boy" for all of the misdeeds of Spaz.

Joseph said...

Why would Daz want to punish a kid because he was brought in by a dumb-as_ coach. If that is truly the case then Daz should be fired now before his attitude about respecting the kids destroys the program. JBQ seems bright until he has an opinion, then ???

ATL_eagle said...

I don't think Addazio has anything against Suntrup. Christian wasn't turning many heads with the old staff either.

JBQ said...

A new coach will bring in his own system. The point is to tell Suntrup that they can't use him so that he can move on and have two years of eligibility left after sitting out this year.