Monday, September 02, 2013

Addazio pregame and other links

Here is Addazio's pregame speech on Saturday. Do things feel a little different to you?

Addazio was happy with Wolford's performance.

If you missed it last week, BC will play Notre Dame in a Frozen Fenway game.

Future Eagle Darius Wade is ready for a big Senior Season.

NFL stuff: the Eagles cut Momah and Cleary will probably go on IR for the Colts.

Men's Soccer tied Quinnipiac. Women's Soccer beat Hofstra in OT.


Eagle 1 said...

I'm more interested in the halftime speech.

EL MIZ said...

agree on the halftime speech.

also would love to see a Spaz pre-game speech LOL. what did that bum say to the team? probably just like 30 seconds of muttering, concluding with "lets try to at least keep it close" and then walking out by himself.

Lenny Sienko said...

I know the common wisdom is that college kids are greatly affected by emotion; but the first half may have been a reflection of the pre game; i.e., a little too much "over-the-top", causing jitters and a lack of concentration.

I'd like to think that the half-timeadjustments were more calm and methodical...what is expected...what needs to be changed.

They only won one for the Gipper. We're going to need more than that.

EL MIZ said...

excellent point Lenny. this is what Asprilla said after the game:

"In the first half we just started off a little slow," said cornerback Manny Asprilla. "When we came into the locker room before the second half we just told each other to calm down and relax and we’ll get things rolling, we’ll get it together. So when we came out in the second half we just had the mindset that we were going to come out and play as hard as we could, and we did."

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