Tuesday, September 03, 2013

No respect for the win and other links

I think most of us were fair in our assessment of BC's win. It wasn't pretty but it was a "W." ESPN didn't see it the same way. Despite winning and many ACC teams losing their respective openers, BC remains at the bottom of the Power Ranking. Unfortunately perception still matters in college football. I guess we will just have to win this week.

Here is the depth chart for the Wake Forest game. I would hope to see more 2nd team defensive guys used this week. Wake Forest's Michael Campanaro will play.

The ACC named Chris Ager the ACC Soccer Player of the Week.


EL MIZ said...

Daniels still starting at weakside LB. i hope to see Keyes get more action, he made plays last week, while Daniels got burned.

interesting that Wolford is still listed as a backup at FB after his big game last week. props to the staff again for figuring out how to put him in a position to really impact the game, he looks like a natural at FB.

also hope to see Albert Louis-Jean make some plays this week. we need more speed and athleticism on the D, he brings both.

Hario said...

Agreed Re: Louis-Jean finding some time or place in the defense.

I would really like to see more out of our other receivers.. Crimmins or Spiffy... or even jackson or grant... someone has to step up

mod34b said...

ESPN's ACC blog has an opinion about BC?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Who cares what those dopes say. Heather who?

Perhaps, Vonnegut put it best: Rolling Donuts

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm still laughing, Mod.

Let's beat WF and drag ourselves out of the basement. We are the masters of our own destiny.

Napoleon and Spazoo dragged us from 1st place in our division to last place in the division and entire league. Nice going guys - quite a legacy.

Was Keyes ever on the field at the same time as KPL against 'Nova? I think Brown has to get them both out there at the same time to help out or replace the other LBs.

Also agree on ALJ - I'm anxious to see him get some serious time, as we need him going forward.

In addition to the other WR's let's get some mis-matches. The tall Pitt receiver was very effective = Crimmins and Jackson. We need Grant or Miller to help out. Both of those guys bring skills to the table, and Miller might be a matchup nightmare for some WF DB.

Are we ever going to see the name Kimble?

Go BC - beat WF.

AlbanyEagle said...

Agree with Mod.

We don't need no stinkin' props from ESPN and those of their ilk. At least not now.

It's our guys against the world. Nobody is going to grant them anything with the results of the last few years. It's an uphill battle, but one that can be won with patience and persistence.

They'll earn their props one play at a time, one possession at a time, one game at a time. In fact, maybe it's better they're overlooked for a little while, and sneak up on a few teams.

Let's go Eagles! Keep working and BEAT WAKE!!

Unknown said...

I read the analysis over at hub gab which has hired some sports experts just to cover the BC games. This is good for BC since it will give them greater exposure. The crowd at the game was pitiful. But the hub gab analysis is quite good.

Thomas said...

Who do we belong in front of? 4 other ACC teams lost - 3 of which were to top 12 teams. Syracuse lost a close game to a BCS opponent. We beat an FCS squad by 10 after winning two games last year and we deserve to be moved up in the "all-important ESPN ACC Blog" rankings? Let's get real. We are where we deserve to be until we prove otherwise(i.e. beating a quality opponent).

JBQ said...

The depth chart has a pronunciation guide. Good idea.

Eagle 1 said...
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Eagle 1 said...

I don't take the ranking as a slight. We struggled against a team that's not even in the FBS. We should be happy to be included in that list at all.

Joseph said...

At this point in the season, how much can we expect rankings to compare to performance over the entire season.

philibusters said...

I am not a BC fan, but my take is that basically the ACC had a good win and other than maybe Clemson no team really did anything to change the preseason impression of them. If BC beats Wake I guarantee you they won't be on the bottom next week.

Big Jack Krack said...

We are not last in our hearts - that's for sure. We were handed a sh.. deal with Spaziani, and now we can begin to dig ourselves out of the hole.

I like our attitude, and hope our coaching staff will give the players the game plan to win!!!!!

I think they will do so. Our HC did not coach to win during the last 4 years, and he killed fan enthusiasm.

But we real fans will always be thee.

Go BC - let's begin by beating tough Wake Forest. They will be ready to play with their mis-direction on offense and their strong defense. But we can do it, so let's do so!!!