Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Where are our other WR options?

Addazio is thinking of using David Dudeck at Wide Receiver in an effort to establish a viable No. 2 at the position. I don't love the idea of moving our only healthy running back, but Dudeck has proven very adaptable throughout his short career. The bigger question is why aren't any of the other guys ready to step up?

The void is caused in part by Bobby Swigert's medical redshirt. We also lost Johnethan Coleman to graduation. But there are still other guys on the roster who should be ready now. Addazio also referenced Crimmins when talking about the need. He dropped a catchable ball Saturday but other wise looked ok. Rettig needs to target him a bit more. Spiffy Evans has good open field skills (as he's shown on returns) but needs to work on his hands. Harrison Jackson supposedly has great hands but wasn't on the field as much last week. Barksdale is a probable redshirt. Zougrana? Grant? Who knows why they are not getting on the field.

A Tight End could also be a viable second option. There were plenty on the field on Saturday. Yet none were targeted.

Part of this is on Rettig. He needs to give other guys a chance. Part of it is on the coaching too. They've had months to develop a reliable No. 2. Design plays for other guys. Use the Tight End by design. The plays to Wolford worked well. He was a nice surprise, but you cannot tell me that there aren't other players who could also excel if given the chance.

We are lacking depth. That's clear. But Addazio and his staff need to do their best to make something out of nothing. Dudeck might be the answer. I just hope someone else steps up. 


Big Jack Krack said...

This is kind of disappointing.

It's really too bad that we never really got to see Swigert and Amidon together as juniors and seniors.

I hope Bobby comes back next year.

But what about the guys we have? I thought Harrison Jackson would break out a little bit this year (maybe he doesn't know the playbook/routes), as well as Grant and Miller. Maybe even JZ-man. Crimmins was a surprise. If any of these guys can get open, why is Daz talking about Dudek?

I am hoping to see Miller get a crack at going against a smaller DB.

Whatever you decide, coaches - let's do it and strike some gold. We need it and we want it.

Go BC - beat WF. See you Friday night and I hope I meet B Bates.

He must know something we don't.

Hario said...

This was a concern after the Nova game... at least the coaching staff is acknowledging the problem and trying to use the roster to fix it instead of lying to themselves... hopefully someone steps up

Joseph said...

Maybe Bates should fire all the coaches and hire the bloggers.

bubert said...

this is ridiculous. Crimmins is 6'5". I am a big Rettig fan and suppoter but from the stands even I can see that he has laser vision for Amidon. Crimmins and the TE's should be getting more targets. In Day's offense, which is conservative at best, a deep ball is 10 yards. I'd rather Dudek throw it 10 yards than run a pattern. Dudek is everything you ask for in a player but the fact of the matter he is not a viable #2 anything. Forget about the name or the number and spred the field. Throw it to the guy in the red jersey who is open.

EL MIZ said...

agree that Rettig needs to look for other players and get them involved. i like that Day called screens for Spiffy - given his questionable hands, getting him the ball and giving him space is a good way to get him going.

Amidon gets a lot of looks but he is arguably our best player AND among the best WRs in the conference - he has a big play potential, he gets open, and he catches the ball. other guys need to step up, and you can't fault Rettig for looking in his direction.

people bemoan Dudeck's lack of burst but the guy is reliable and obviously knows his assignments - why else is he getting all this PT? his dad was his high school coach, he played QB and WR primarily in HS, and then he started as a true freshman at RB. that is pretty impressive. he may not be a play maker, but he's going to make his blocks, know where to be, catch the ball, and at least move the ball forward. that is really all you can ask for out of a utility RB/WR guy.

Crimmins had an easy drop last week. i'm also confused about Harrison Jackson - wasn't he really having a good summer? i didn't even notice him on the field. both of those guys need to step up.

reading between the lines, i wonder if Dudeck going to WR means we will see more Rouse next week, or that Willis will get reps. perhaps Willis was still dealing with an injury in week 1? Rouse looked OK, i was hoping for more based on his high school numbers.

Williams starting at RB with Rouse and Willis backing him, and Dudeck moving into the slot - that could be the right mix. Swigert is sorely missed and will be a welcome addition to next year's squad.

prisbyal said...

Sure would be nice to have Arthur Lynch.

Joseph said...

Better and just as likely to have Gronk. But, not Aaron H.