Thursday, September 19, 2013

Copying from the best

Bruce Feldman spent a week with Texas A&M and wrote about it for CBS. Any college football fan should read the article just to get a feel for how a program operates. What I found interesting though was how the offensive staff watched the Philadelphia Eagles' opener and copied a play...a play that BC also copied and used early in the USC game.

On the TV is Chip Kelly's NFL debut against the Washington Redskins. The former Oregon coach is having quite a night as the Philadelphia Eagles' new head coach. The Eagles had a staggering 21 first downs in the first half alone while ripping off 53 plays. Kelly's success has caught Sumlin's eye. The Aggies head coach practically bounds into the room and goes right to the grease board on Spavital's wall. He grabs a blue Sharpie and diagrams up a wrinkle that Kelly has been carving up the Redskins with all night. It is a zone-read play with an option of throwing to the tight end with a bubble to the field. Usually a QB has three options on that play but the tight end free-releasing down the field creates a whole other set of problems for defenses.

We didn't target the Tight Ends in the first two games, so it was no surprise that we eventually used them in the passing game. What I appreciate is that instead of using them on a late release in goalline or a play fake off of a power play, we did it from spread, read-option. It shows that at least we are watching others and looking for new ideas. It won't always work, but it is encouraging that our staff thinks this way.


JBQ said...

It is all in the execution. Rettig was tight and played very badly. He has the talent. He just needs to relax and throw caution to the wind. He can only do the best that he can and Rettig's best is very good. He has to go back and recover that "surfer dude" mentality that got him to BC in the first place. Joe Montana had it and he interacted with fans in the stands to take his mind off the field. After all, it's all in the "Chase".

mmason said...

It's all in the SPEED. MPH. Qwikness. Execution is a big factor--but we are slooooowwww compared to some of these top notch recruits. We'll have to brain our way through, or be tough and physical and bigger to beat these top tier teams until we get serious speed. Rettig flat out looked small and exposed out there and USC made that supremely clear. Our linemen were exceedingly slow, as well. We need another Raji, a Kiwi, and a Keuchly to play with the FSU's and USC's. So...Let's go get 'em. It is about talent, after all, and we know that cuz we put 'em in the NFL in big numbers. Who do we have now?

CT said...

It's all in the execution? My gosh, BC fans are wine and cheese.

We play minor league football. Hopefully, Daz will educate you on what it takes to take this sport seriously. Watch more Saturdays. Post less on Mondays.