Monday, September 16, 2013

FSU kickoff time and other links

BC-Florida State will kickoff at 3:30. Given the key afternoon slot means that it will be on ABC in most markets and "reversed" on ESPN2 or ESPNU in other markets. While it is not a great weekend for ACC games, it is still encouraging to see BC get one of the more desirable slots. It will also be good for attendance. BC has two weeks to get this game filled and rocking at kickoff.

The Jets have signed Ryan Quigley

Good news for the future as many committed Eagles are having strong high school seasons.

The Women's Soccer team lost to Clemson on Sunday. The Men's team beat Pitt on Saturday.

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JBQ said...

The freshman qb for the Seminoles is already being touted as a possible Heisman candidate. He will be hard to contain. I would say that he plays a lot like Devin Gardner of Michigan. BC will have its hands full.