Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Power Ranking the Power Rankers

I hate that there is so much subjectivity in college football. Instead of W-L records, everyone's got an opinion. Fortunately outside of the Coaches' poll, none of these opinions really matter. They are all just filler content to get people talking. The worst are the various Power Rankings. Someone's subjective list of who is the best team at the moment. Yet for all my eye-rolling at the Power Rankings, I cannot help but get sucked in...every week! I tweet about them, link them and demand respect for "BC" each time. What can I say? I am an idiot. But I am also an idiot with an opinion. So here is my Power Rankings of ACC Power Rankers:

1. Fox Sports South
No one is reading this ranking or talking about it, but that doesn't mean I cannot rate them No. 1 in my rankings. Their top is just like everyone else's but at least they do some things different like ties and punishing BC for our blowout loss to USC. If you are going to use regional bias in your rankings, do it proudly! That's how you shoot up the ATLeagle.com Rankings.

2. ESPN 
The Granddaddy of all the ACC Power Rankings. The the list is co-authored by ESPN's ACC bloggers Heather Dinich and Andrea Adelson. No explanation is given for how they compile their individual lists into one poll. My main gripe with the ESPN list is that they don't move things around that much -- even after really bad performances. What's the point of a subjective ranking if your just going to be predictable about it?

3. ACC Sports
Jim Young does a good job keeping tabs on the ever expansive ACC and his ranking has a little more weekly movement than ESPN's but their lists are still very similar. How can one Power Ranker standout if he is a mirror of another, bigger site? Florida State is scoring like nobodies business. Put them at No. 1. I would! 

4. Shakin the Southland
Many SBNation blogs put up Power Rankings. I am not opposed to it, but wonder if there is much debate when you run a team-specific site? Shouldn't these guys put Clemson on top every week?

5. Testudo Times
Shouldn't they be doing a Big Ten Power Ranking?


mod34b said...

If you want "power rankings", ask this BC guy Art Donovan speaks with Carson 1986 funny

BCDisco said...

Ha! He couldn't do anything that day but fall down every play so he fell down! Funny!

eagleboston said...


I remember being at an off campus party and watching this live. Someone said, "That's Art Donovan! He went to BC and now he's on Carson." We were all cracking up. He was one of a kind.