Monday, October 28, 2013

Marge Kelley passes and other weekend news

Marge Kelley -- the wife of legendary BC Hockey coach "Snooks" Kelley -- passed away over the weekend. There is no online obituary yet, but condolences quickly spread among the BC Hockey community. Marge was instrumental in the success of the program as she served as a mother figure to many of the boys on the team. She has kept a connection to the program through the years. She will be missed.

Hockey played Minnesota twice over the weekend. Things looked promising during tense tie on Friday. Sunday's loss was more lopsided.

Former Eagle Sean Flaherty wrote an article about BC's social media for MIT.

Kenpom released his first ratings of the season and BC debuted 37th.

Women's soccer beat Maryland 1-0.

Georgia Tech defeated Volleyball.


Anonymous said...

I did not know Marge, but I will always love Snooks. If there is a definition of "Old School" in the dictionary, Snooks was it.

I love basketball, not hockey...

eagle1331 said...

Spiffy Evans done for the season.. broken clavicle...