Wednesday, November 06, 2013

An appreciation for Doug Martin

The obvious storyline to Saturday's game is BC facing its former Offensive Coordinator and now current New Mexico State Head Coach Doug Martin. As much as last season was painful and there are many things the previous staff did that set BC back, I really hold no animosity towards Martin. In fact his short stay was one of the few positives of last year.

There is a mercenary aspect to big time coaching. Few jobs have stability and you go where you are wanted and where there is a healthy pay check. All the guys who joined Spaz's final staff knew that. They all took the job for various professional reasons but I think all knew to rent rather than buy (figuratively). Because of that mentality and because the season went south early on, you heard stories and watched as the coaches started checking out on the season and BC. I never heard that about Martin. In fact, I heard just the opposite.

The offense wasn't much better while Martin was calling the plays, but I think we can fairly say that most of the problems were systemic. The offense was never good under Spaz because of how he managed his staff, his roster and his practices. I think under a different regime and different circumstances Martin might have been a guy who thrived at BC. 

Martin went from one unstable situation to another when he was thrust into the Head Coaching job at New Mexico State. It seems destined for failure. Other than this weekend, I wish him luck in turning it around.

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