Saturday, November 23, 2013

Crazy ending to a crazy game

We are the only team in the country whose two-minute drill purposely involves running in a jumbo package between the tackles. And it actually worked. A little luck was on BC's side as lots of things went wrong and the team nearly gave the game away on a few different occasions. But when down the team put the ball in the hands of its best weapon. Huge, gut-check win. This season has been a lot of fun. Let's keep it going.

As for "Williams for Heisman"... this thing is real. With the whole defense keying on him and the team needing him, he ran for another 263 yards and two TDs. Get him to New York.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.


mod34b said...

Lou Holtz, Rece Davis, Mark May on ESPN talking up Andre for Heisman

eagleboston said...

I think we deserve a little luck after the past few years.

BC football is fun again!

BCBCBC said...

Has he now surpassed the BC single game rushing mark for 3 games in a row?

Joseph said...

Nothing can take away from AW and his fabulous efforts all year. Don't lose sight of the fact that this is a team sport. Now that we are almost sure for a bowl, let's look to one more win for the team. From 2 Ws to 8 Ws? Wow. And they thought that the last to first Red Sox were the only come back kids.

Big Jack Krack said...

I am very happy and proud.

Let's not forget Rettig to Amidon or Nate Freeeeeeeese!

BC coaches believed in their own plan, because they believe in the team.

The defense made some mistakes but really came up big when we needed it most. Missing Ramsey, Abdesmad, (Moore might have helped too all year) and Borcich for added depth has been out. Rudolph has been hurt, but can't say enough about the guts of Edebali, Wujciak, Appiah and Mihalik and Lifka with freshmen for depth - Gutapfel and Kavalek.

How about our linebackers - and our DBs playing man-to-man coverage. BC hasn't done that in so long I can't remember, yet Brown believes in them and gives them a plan to win!!!!

What a difference coaching has made to this Offensive Line - and blocking TE's and H and Y backs They are making believers out of me and I love it.

And when we fumbled the punt, the tough got going. We didn't quit and these guys really are a team of brothers.

Can't say enough and proud to be BC.

Shout it from the Heights.

Big Jack Krack said...

I know Rudolph contributed mightily today.

JBQ said...

I know that BJK looks at the glass as half full. However, when has anyone ever seen such a play on the extra point which tied the game? At times, BC looked amateurish and participants in a Chinese Fire Drill. The emotion is obviously there. However, there is lots of work to be done. I still like Rettig. However, he is now little more than a caddy for AW. I believe that this is ridiculous. If that is Dazzios idea of a qb, then no wonder that they are not recruiting the Matt Ryan or Doug Flutie of the future. Good Lord (@Joseph please take note), a blind man could do what Rettig is doing. His confidence level is in the gutter. At times, Md had a 6 man line with 3 lbs tight and 2 safeties sneaking up. That is why the long pass succeeded to Amadon followed by the most ludicrous play in a decade with no blocking on the xp.

lbkjj said...

Today is the anniversary of the 1984 Doug Flutie " Hail Mary" pass in Miami. Nate Freese commemorates the event!

CT said...

Again, congratulations to this team, the seniors, coaches, staff and families for resurrecting a moribund program.

Any road win is a good one and the guys kept fighting, as evidenced by the commitment to the gameplan in the 4th and getting that fumble late.

There's something to be said for doing one thing well. The Oline and TEs deserve a ton of credit. That trap play, over and over, the stadium knows it's coming, and still...

The downside, sadly, is Rettig. Harping on the WRs, save Amidon, is piling on at this point.

Given the expectations and dearth of elite talent and depth on this team, I suspect we have a lot to look forward to.

Including criticism of Ryan Day, no doubt.

Claver2010 said...

The same thing on the PAT happened in the 2007 ACC CG to Aponovicious

What a great day to be an eagle

Great BC showing

Joseph said...

All I can say is, good lord, it is remarkable that some can't resist the temptation to forget the negative and enjoy the win and the wonderful performance by a team that has come so far. One more win to go for a team that wouldn't quit. WOW. good lord, what a great bunch.

mod10aeagle said...

JBQ, what's your point? After five OCs in four seasons, three seasons with an O-line that couldn't keep a den of cub scouts out of the backfield, and now down to one legitimate D-1 receiver, Rettig's confidence level is right about where it should be. Fortunately, the O-line has risen from the dead and Andre has turned into a beast. Day really has no choice but to ride that beast as far as he can take us. It's a sausage factory some games, but the end product is all that matters right now, and that's been pretty damn effective.