Saturday, November 23, 2013

My kind of lullaby

Let the players sing you to sleep, so you can dream about Andre Williams winning the Heisman.

(Thanks to Bob for the video.)


BCDoubleEagle said...

extended ESPN piece on whether Williams is a legit Heisman candidate:

mod34b said...

Yesterday, Mark Blauds on the Jersey Guy Blog wrote in favor of Andre:

"And in case you missed it, Williams last three rushing totals have been:  263 yards, 339 yards, 295 yards and 166 yards, which is 1,063 yards. "

Mark, please note that true Jersey Guys (not you) can actually count to three.

eagle98alum said...

That video was awesome!! thanks for sharing. Congrats to the kids and the staff on a great season so far. let's get andre an invite to NYC!

JBQ said...

It would appear that Andre Williams is very deserving. However, the rest of the team is in pretty sad shape. Not even Joe Biden, the Clown College graduate, could envision a scenario where the opposition ties the score on an extra point when nobody blocks and no body tackles. If this had been a loss, it would have taken 10 years to recover. This was one extremely bad sign that the team and coaching staff are living on borrowed time. This showed extremely poor discipline and an immeasurable amount of poor coaching. If Randy Edsell didn't call a time out, the "three hour tour" of the Minnow would have been forever. The kicker for BC has carried the team on his back all season. The rest of the team except for AW with 4 tacklers unable to stop him has been inept except for maybe Edeballi. BC has some severe soul searching to engage in after the Syracuse game. I have never seen a team before with a "castrated" quarterback.

CT said...

That's pretty ignorant, though I wouldn't expect more from you.

Yes, 10 years to recover from a blocked extra point.

How about 4 minutes? Close to 10 years? I didn't major in math.

The kicker has carried the team. Brilliant stuff. The 2000 yd back? Please, stop commenting.

You. Know. Nothing.

Periods for emphasis.

How about a 'thank you' to the staff making lemonade out of lemons.

Do people actually watch college football?

Seriously. JBQ. Stop. Just stop.

Watch more. Blog less.

I'm helping. Trust me.

Joseph said...

As someone smarter than I am once said, "You can't be serious". Is suspect that JBQ thinks that his stuff is really funny and thought provoking. Sorry, but neither.

Big Jack Krack said...

Whatever happened to ObserverCollege?

Big Jack Krack said...
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