Friday, November 01, 2013

Kiwi in Africa and other links

If you haven't watched this clip of Kiwi in Uganda helping cancer and AIDS patients, give it five minutes. I try not to overplay the all "BC guys are great people" narrative, but you have to appreciate Kiwi lending his time and celebrity to this cause. Considering his grandfather was murdered and his family run out, there are a million reasons not to go back to Uganda. Yet he is and trying to do some good. Good for him.

After a few rough years, BC's Defense is our calling card once again.

Volleyball lost to Wake Forest.

Basketball Season Poster is out. I don't know why, but I still find these sorts of things interesting. The team posters (and media guides) are like little time capsules. I wish someone and BC would digitize and post all the old posters.

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JBQ said...

Kiwi's grandfather who was a government official is quite a story being murdered by Idi Amin. This was the beginning of the "Arab Spring" now that we look back. BC is now in Africa on the back of Kiwi fighting a psychological war. He could very easily suffer the same fate as his beloved grandfather. We here in America so far are insulated from the war that Islam will surely bring here. The Boston Marathon bombing is only one more reminder. KPL stated through ESPN of his ambition to go to Marine Officer Candidate School. His father was military and is very apprehensive. The bottom line is that the world is a very dangerous place and Kiwi and KPL are just two examples of individuals fighting the hidden enemy.