Friday, November 22, 2013

That's more like it

BC beat Washington exactly how we were supposed to win all our games: 3s, offensive efficiency and descent D. The Huskies are not good but that was BC's best game of this young season. Now the team has to keep it up.

The biggest difference was Rahon. He nailed his 3s and was much more controlled defensively. Magarity also looked better. Of course there were other rotation questions: why didn't Heckmann get more time or Owens?

The team now has to go on a mini run to get back on track. There next game is Tuesday.


Won Jae Hudson said...

All our loses so far are to teams that are undefeated! I know it is early in the season and I'm not justifying some of the loses, but today really gave me hope!

Anonymous said...

We were there and it was a nice win. Coach D maybe over-scheduled but things will get better. With love from NYC.