Friday, November 22, 2013

Tweets of the Week


mod10aeagle said...

Is Mike Jarvis launching his campaign to succeed Donahue if things don't get moving in the right direction real quick?

JBQ said...

As for the fortunes of the great running of Andre Williams, let's wait to assess until the final two games. If he "goes wild", then let's jump on the bandwagon. As for Mike Jarvis, I followed him while coach at St. John's and went to several games and visited the athletic department. He took the program into the toilet and was totally arrogant. I would say that he would like the BC job. Remember him as Patrick Ewing's high school coach with roots in the BC area.

Scott said...

The Tweet about the ACC winning the case against MD is flat wrong. The Appeals decision simply rejected Maryland's initial efforts to get the case kicked early on a technicality, or transferred to a Maryland court.

Now the path is clear for the ACC to take the case to trial, in It's preferred forum of North Carolina, which is good news for the ACC. And there are snippets in the opinion that the court is partial to the ACC's view of the law.

But the appeals decision did not touch (let alone decide), the ultimate issue of weather $52million exit fee is reasonable liquidate damages provision ... Ir weather it's unenforceable penalty devoid of any reasonable connection to actual damages the ACC incurs when a school bolts for another conference