Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Donahue talks non-conference schedule

Steve Donahue has not been shy about the mistake he made with BC's nonconference schedule. Many (myself included) thought it would pay off with a NCAA Tournament appearance. But that is not the problem now. The non-conference slate was something that could have been manipulated. The ACC schedule could not. We still look incapable of competing in the conference. That's the problem. If Donahue wants us to excuse the terrible non-conference performance, he needs to start winning ACC games.


Hario said...

Couldn't agree more ATL -- the Eagles lost to some mediocre teams in non conference in addition to the more challenging opponents.

This team isn't lighting it up by any stretch in conference so its hard to hear about the tough opening scheduling anymore

Some of his quotes just seem baffling -- did he not realize defense and rebounding were important to a team till now?? -- Did donahue really think just clifford was the answer to those problems?? --- our perimeter defense also leaves a lot to be desired

Claver2010 said...

While I agree that Donahue killed this team with the OOC schedule, both in difficulty & in home/road split.

This team needed OT to be a shitty Sacred Heart & was only up a possession vs a D2 team in the 2nd half.

They're just not that good.

JBQ said...

Very good posting. Very astute.

JBQ said...

Very good posting. Very astute.

G.A. said...

Donahue looks smarmier by the day. Before the season began, he made a big deal about how smartly he scheduled. What does he think happened anyway? Or would have happened. The team sucks and they'd still suck if they played five patsies to open the season. It just would have taken three more weeks for everybody to realize it.

Is Purdue even good? Is USC good? Is Auburn good? Their combined conference record is 4-16! VCU is the 3rd best team in the A-10. How can one of the most experienced teams in the ACC get so rattled by losing a couple close ones early?

The goal was to make the tourney. The cmte. crushes bubble teams who show up with a resume that has the 300th toughest schedule according to RPI.

The fact is, Donahue lost the team, and the team wasn't very good to begin with, because the talent wasn't very good. Yes, they stayed close to some good teams down the stretch, because they played super slow and he was able to get away with playing overmatched guys like Odio for long stretches.

Read the article about Saint Louis U and defense on the Post-Dispatch. Do you think this team has had one practice like that? Donahue has always been obsessed with offense, and that's what he coaches.

He'll be fired in two months and with good reason. He's not a good coach, and he's not a good people person. His players don't play hard for him and he ran off a bunch of guys who could have helped in the past few years, including Jordan Daniels.

EL MIZ said...

Clifford has had bad knees for 2 years. why didn't we recruit any bigs other than magarity? even he fell into our lap over the summer.

i'm sick of the excuses. i'm sick of the bizarre style of play (just now BC got an offensive rebound and he's whistling furiously to get the ball to the perimeter so we can run the "offense" again - i've never seen a coach do this). new coach.

Michael said...

The Eagles beat Virginia Tech, 76-52. Rahon led the Eagles with 20 pts, 4 rebs, and 6 assists.