Saturday, February 01, 2014

BC gives away game in South Bend

I could load up on the snark or rant about all the team's flaws. But I think it is best to stick with the facts. BC had the game in hand. Hanlan committed a dumb foul that sent the game to OT. BC's issues during the game -- poor defensive rotations and not enough size to bang inside with the Irish bigs nor enough athleticism to deal with the suddenly hot Eric Atkins -- were magnified in OT. They lost on a 3-pointer when the D was late. The team is now 6-15.

As Hoffses pointed out the tough schedule was supposed to ready this team for just this sort of situation. They were on the road against a flawed, desperate team and had the lead. Yet they couldn't hold on, mostly due to defense.

Brian and I went back and forth the other day on twitter about this team's talent. I don't think they are the Fab 5, but the talent is much better than the record indicates. I think this is the sort of game that proved it. They have enough talent to beat this Notre Dame team, but they are not playing well on D. I think so much emphasis is put on offense (execution and rotations) that everything else suffers. Would I rather watch an offense where Hanlan just drove and chucked it all game? I would if that meant we could be better on D and survive with playing better defensive players and/or bigs (Owens, Magarity, even Caudill). But none of it matters. We are just playing for pride or playing out the string depending on your point of view.

We will be back for more frustration against UVA.


DoubleEagle2013 said...

Agreed. Donahue may not be the best recruiter that BC has ever seen but most of these guys were three star recruits who either have not developed under SD's watch or are underachieving. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this team is on the fringe of being ranked at times next year.

The biggest question for Brad Bates is going to be whether he seeks out a coach who has the same basic scheme as SD.

Bill, I would be interested to know who you think possible replacements are. Do you think GDF and BC put too much stock into Cornell's tournament run last time around?

blist said...

At this point, the bright spot to every loss is the likelihood of Spaz, uh, er Steve, being gone

Erik said...

I like Olivier, but I think it's worth noting that he has consistently not made the play at the end of close games. Say he's played approximately 50 college games, it seems like he is is about 0 for 8, maybe 1 for 8 on game winning opportunities. Total estimate by me, I don't have the data in front of me or the strongest memory, but opportunities in the lane, at the free throw line, a 3-pointer, a bad foul on the defensive end.

I feel for him. But man is he due. Last year and this year. If we're gonna be a program of importance, our team leader needs to convert on clutch moments. Today it was 3 things, I think. He missed the front of a 1 and 1 when up 1, then he fouls and we'rr a FT away from a loss. And didn't he miss an easy one before that, at the end?

Would have been a nice win. Overall a good effort from the whole team and staff.

Bottyeagle said...

missed late game free throw against miami last year, did the same with toledo this year, and clemson this year. and now today. hanlan has to take responsibility for his late game play...especially from the line

JBQ said...

If you look at mock drafts, the name of Hanlon shows up. He will leave. You talk about a good ACC game. Duke-Syracuse before 35K. The Orange are now 21-0 and go to Cameron in three weeks. Three Dukies fouled out. It went OT and it was really a good game with a Devil 3 at the buzzer to tie. Meanwhile, BC continues to struggle. Boy are Boeheim and Coach K deserving of 900 plus Vs. If BC can go into ND and play well, then you need to evaluate Coach D more closely. The biggest problem with Donohue is that he coached well in the Ivy League where the players are smaller. His type of offense did great things in that environment. When you play the big boys, you have to morph accordingly. I don't think that he is doing that. What needs to be done is comparing Donohue to and/or Boeheim or K the Polish Prince. I just don't know and it is up to Bates.

Bravesbill said...

As I said in the other thread, Hanlan's foul was one of the stupidest I've ever seen. ND was in no position to shoot and the guy never would have gotten a shot off. How do you reach in that situation? All comes down to coaching and discipline, of which BC has none.

Hoib said...


Very good analysis.
I guess u have to throw this in once in a while to keep us honest.

Hoib said...


As much as I think Onehue is horrendous I don't think you can blame him for Hanlon's late game failure's. I just think he is completely lacking in poise. I think the best comparison for him is Troy. Similar #s but night and day at end of game or against big time opponents. If he enters the draft he'd be making a huge mistake IMO.

Lenny Sienko said...

I get the impression that Hanlan has discovered that Donahue's offensive system is not preparing him for the next level, nor is it showcasing his talents.

Hanlan has played within the system and passed the ball, passed up shots, taken 3's, and tried to drive when needed; but none of this will increase his NBA status.

I think we will see Hanlan leaving at the end of the season w/o regard to whether Donahue stays or leaves.

Bravesbill said...

I'd agree with you Hoib to an extent. Hanlan's late game troubles is mostly on him esp. with free throws. However that last second foul can be blamed partly on Donahue as well. It was a foul caused by a lack of discipline and situational awareness, both of which need to be drilled into players by coaches. You don't see the good teams make those boneheaded moves on a consistent basis due to good coaching. Sadly it's become a hallmark of this team though.

Hoib said...


I agree.


I don't think Hanlon can play NBA D. Bigger guys would post him up constantly.