Sunday, February 02, 2014

Rough recruiting weekend and other links

There are only a few days left before Signing Day. I think we all expect Addazio to finish strong, however, this weekend was a bit of a speed bump. Recent verbal Tre Tarpley flipped his commitment and is now headed to Vanderbilt. The second bit of bad news came when A.J. Bush committed to Nebraska. BC got involved late, but Nebraska jumped in and gave him a chance at QB. I expect BC to try to use these last few openings before Wednesday.

Here is a Beanpot preview.

Alexandra Carpenter is generating a lot of attention as we near the Olympics.

Women's Basketball lost to Virginia Tech.

Luke Kuechly earned the Defensive Player of the Year at the NFL Honors show.


NEDofSavinHill said...

Congrats to Luke for his top defensive player award. Not bad for a 22 year old. Why can't the SEC produce linebackers like the ACC? ( Keuchley, Lewis and LT ). College football produced much more compelling post season contests than the pros. The top seven bowl games were close exciting contests whereas the NFL had uneven games. Have the Pats or the Broncos ever won a super bowl without a starting center from BC? 2. Certain myths have been exploded this season. The fiction that college coaches can't win in the NFL. Carroll, Coughlin, Johnson, Harbaugh and Kelley invalidate that boast. The superiority and dominance of the SEC. Stoops and FSU put that one to rest. Bellichik as a defensive guru is another bit of nonsense. His team put up a pathetic effort against the Broncos ( 500 yards of offense and scores on 6 of 7 drives).He likes to select linebackers from the SEC ( Mayo, Hightower, Spikes and Cunningham).None of those SEC LBs can run well enough to play pass defense. Every time he selected one of them in the draft he was roundly praised by the media for getting SEC players. Remember according to ESPN all the speed and athleticism resides in that conference. Compare his feeble effort to Carroll's. In the last nine years Carroll has three titles. Bellichik none. In his 8 years of coaching in the NFL Carroll has a winning record and five post season appearances. Bellichik in his 7 years coaching in the NFL without Brady has a losing record and only one playoff appearance. Carroll has assembled a much better team and is a superior coach. Bellichik's wins are almost totally Brady's doing. Bellichik is a media creation. Even with one of the all time great QBs, his team isn't in the top 7 in the league. 3. TOB deserves much praise for his development of Wilson, Ryan and Hassleback ( two super bowl QBs and another a play away from a third SB QB). Has any other college coach ever matched that achievement?

Joseph said...

Right on about Bellichik. Total phony. Did it all with one good player.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Why can't the SEC produce linebackers like the ACC? Because Frank Spaziani is a better coach than Nick Saban and Urban Meyer. It's really that simple

3xEagle said...

If only Keuchly had gone to Rutgers, then the Patriots would have been in this year's Super Bowl.

CT said...

That 11:05 post is uncommonly ridiculous.

Ray Lewis graduated in? 1996. What conference was Miami in at the time? Very smart.

There is no fiction about college coaches in the NFL. Jimmy Johnson was crushing it 20 years ago with player evaluations. Coughlin in Jacksonville nearly 20 years ago doing the same. Heck, even Shula and Parcells started in college. What are you talking about?

The SEC is superior. Seven straight and one three point loss from eight in a row. Three of the top five this year. Get your money back from BC.

Mayo and Spikes were injured. On IR. Considered studs. You. Should. Watch. More. Post. Less.

Carroll bought and paid for those three titles. Ask Reggie Bush. Remember him fleeing the sinking ship? Who blew a hole in it?

Seattle has a major PED problem that is underreported. How many suspensions now?

No Patriot fan here, but Alge Crumpler said recently on the Atlanta radio show he hosts that he learned more in one year under Belichek than he did in the previous nine combined.

Love the conspiracy theories re the SEC and Belichek and anything that the 11:05 guy disagrees with.

FDR knew the Japanese were coming.