Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend Roundup: Hockey good, basketball bad Part 184

The Hockey team swept Vermont this weekend. Of course that wrapped up the Hockey East regular season title, but what else do you expect come "Trophy Time"?

Not to be outdone, the BC Women won their Hockey East title too.

Basketball lost to Notre Dame. I will write more about the loss on Monday, but the big issue was BC's inability to slow them and we couldn't cover our issues with 3-point shooting.

The Women's Basketball team lost to Syracuse.

Here is another article about Dick Kelley by a writer who knew him for 30 years.

Don't look now, but Baseball has won three in a row.

Addazio knows that with the departure of his seniors, there is a drop off in talent among the returning players.


FakeShalomTfree said...

I probably speak for a few of us when I say I'm looking forward to the next coaching profile more than a re-hash of the basketball teams most recent failure.

On that topic, the idea of Geno Auriemma is ridiculous. Haven't we been down the road of hiring a successful coach with no experience recruiting or coaching in a major conference? Not to mention, he probably wouldn't come cheap.

I'd like to hear a little more about Andre LaFleur, who is one of Ed Cooley's assistants at Providence.

3 more games til the #seasonfromhell is over!

Hoib said...


So an assistant w/o head coaching experience at a perenial loser is a better option than the greatest coach in Women's basketball history. I don't think so.
All I'm saying is Bates should gage his interest. A winner is a winner. If he were committed to giving his best I think he could be the answer. There is no comparison to Onahue. Geno started winning from day one. The biggest challenge for him would be putting a staff together, but if he could I'm confident the rest would fall into place.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Geno Auriemma makes close to $2m a year, which is significantly more than men's coach Kevin Ollie makes. If BC (or any school) were to hire him, you would assume he would need some assistants with major conference experience (unlike our current coach) who would cost a few bucks in addition to that.

I'm not saying he couldn't coach men, or that Lafleur (who would come a lot cheaper) is the answer, but for that kind of money I would prefer someone with a proven track record coaching men in a major conference (like Ben Howland).

To me the risk/reward of hiring Auriemma doesn't make sense at that price, and I think we all know BC's aversion to spending big bucks anyways

Matt said...

Will Bates be true to MAC roots?

Is Dambrot posible? Cache of being Lebrons high school coach and success at Akron. Steal Kowalczyk from Toledo? They looked pretty good against us. Already posted Bobby Hurley article. Lot of good coaches coming up through that conference right now.

Hoib said...


U are probably on to the most likely scenario, but I hope he dares to reach higher.

CT said...

The Geno post is absurd. To suggest or intimate that coaching men and women is the same or a winner is a winner is ridiculous. Kind of like saying coaching college and pro ball is the same. Different worlds. Coaching is less X's and O's than managing egos, recruiting, etc, right? Women are easy. Well, you get it.

Having said that, despite the fact that hiring a WOMAN'S bball coach from UConn would make the program jokier than it is now, I appreciate the effort. No need to lash out at others when that idea strikes me as loony. My guess is MAC because Bates knows the conf and was a walkon DB at Michigan. Think he has a soft spot for the underdog. Gregory parlayed Dayton into GT and Bobinski reminds me of Bates. Bobinski came from Xavier.

mod10aeagle said...

I like the Andre LaFleur idea. With a name like that he's bound to improve our compete level along the boards.

Hoib said...


Unconventional yes, absurd no. Plenty of people said Pete Carrol's way wouldn't work in the pros.
I've already said my first choice is Pearl, but ATL started this whole thing w/ Billy Donovan which has less chance of happening than Geno.
The sad fact is that the undertone I get from com mentors is that we pretty much know the next coach is going to be a " new and improved version" of Onahue. To me playing in the toughest league in the country that's looney.