Monday, February 17, 2014

What non-BC fans are saying

I think BC bloggers were so quick to attack the Donahue excuse narrative because we feared BC would face criticism at the end of the season when they would presumably fire Donahue. The continued losing -- especially to undermanned teams like Georgia Tech and Notre Dame -- is ending any need to combat a media narrative. If Twitter is any indication, the media expect Donahue to be fired. Take a look at some of these comments over the last few days.

Now that is just a small sample of ACC folks following another loss. It is not going to influence Bates. But it does show that some others expect more from us. I know our fans do. I just wish the Boston media would share the same perspective.


JBQ said...

As the "Big Guy" told Judas, go do it but do it quickly. There is no need for another crucifixion.

mod34b said...

I guess a mid-season firing is out of the question with only 5 games to go.

Still, i'd like to see it as a statement of how ticked BC is about _onHue's ineptitude.

Here is a fun fact: it took BC OT to beat freakin' Sacred Heart University. SHU is now 4-22.


_onahue is far more inept than Spaz. Hard to believe, but true.

Now, let talk GDF. WTF was he doing? GDF really was a terrible AD. Not just a complete A**hole, but totally incompetent.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Mod- while we're dreaming, I'd like a statement of apology for the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted by the arrogance and incompetence of the GDF administration

mod34b said...

FST -- Hundreds of Thousands? Closer to $10,000,000 i'd say.

Hoib said...


Brilliantly stated w/ one unfortunate mistake. We have sad to say 6 games left in this death march. First round ACC tourney game to be played following the regular season. Won't that be fun!

So it seems like u might be w/ me in my campaign for the coach Flip hall of shame. Just think we can have the Spaz wing and the Onahue wings included!