Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Football news and other links

The Heights and Eagle Action both posted updates on Spring Practices. It sounds like Murphy has a slight edge at QB and Addazio is managing around injuries.

BC also announced the schedule for the Spring Game.

Baseball moved its home opener.

PA Oline prospect Hayden Mahoney recently visited BC and picked up an offer.

BC also has interest in Indiana Line prospect Jared Thomas.


Big Jack Krack said...

The baseball situation is pathetic - it's pitiful.

I'm very familiar with Northeastern Field in Brookline, since I grew up in that neighborhood. While it's an okay set-up surrounded by houses, never would one dream in 2014 that it was better than an ACC field.

Fish or cut bait, Mr. Bates. This is embarrassing.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Agreed. It started with retaining Gambino after a horrific three year record and continues with a lack of transparency concerning the status and barriers for the new baseball field. The new field issues may well be beyond Bates' control - but there has been precious little information provided. All I remember was an original plan for a new stadium on the Brighton site that was significantly downsized (1000?)to appease the local anti BC neighborhood "activists". Since then - I haven't seen anything from the BCAD about the stadium. If its a Boston government problem - why not report it like it is so that the local alums understand the issues?

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